More gifts – a travel jewelry wallet


Brrr…baby, it’s cold outside! What a snow storm, I hope everyone is OK and not stressed by it. Here in deep south Florida, it’s only 63 degrees as I write – and it’s going down to 43 tonight and tomorrow night. My heat will be on as soon as the house gets chilly 🙂

Gifts! I don’t remember what triggered this project, but it was a lot of fun. I think most women carry their jewelry in their handbag when they travel. How about a travel jewelry wallet to keep those goodies safe and protected.


Open, this measures 7 5/8″ wide and 9 7/8″ long. Closed, it’s only 3 1/2″ long! I used size 4 snaps for the closure, instead of the usual ties, because ties would come undone in a jiffy in the bottom of a bag.


So – the construction. I did a muslin of this wallet with old zippers and remnants, and I really learned a lot. Most important lesson – to cut everything a bit larger than is necessary, because things get off-square pretty quickly when 3 zippers are being added.

How I cut the four pieces that form the inside zippered pockets:

Cutting layoutIn addition I cut the shell fabric, fusible fleece, and pocket lining at 8 1/4″ wide and 10 1/4″ long. And a 38″-long bias binding strip, 1 1/2″  wide.

The fleece is fused to the shell and quilted diagonally with 1 1/4″ spacing. I like using the quilters chalk pencil, because the chalk pretty much falls off after the quilting. Any remnants can be brushed off.


I used 9″ long zippers – there’s no need for a new stopper at the top because it gets stitched in place a couple times.


Here’s a view with all pieces (shell, lining, and inside) stacked, basted together, trimmed, and ready for binding:


I sewed the binding in place on the inside, using mitered corners, then turned it and sewed it by hand on the outside.



Ta dum! I like this so much that I want one for myself!!


Ciao! Coco

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  1. Very nice jewelry wallet! We had snow today, not a lot and it only stuck to the grass/trees/cars. Streets were clear. Nice day to stay in and sew.


  2. Yet another lovely and inspiring sew Coco, thank you for sharing it.
    Here in UK we are forecast snow tonight- a yellow warning from our Met Office, so a good excuse to stay indoors sewing.

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