Gifting myself – new serger


I am a serger aficiando! Just love them. About 90% of my sewing is with knits, so a serger is really important to me.

About 3 months ago, I managed to ‘kill’ my Juki MO654DE. I ran fabric through it at the 5/8″ seam mark, with the cutter dis-engaged. The needles jammed with the fabric, and bent one of the looper needles.

I looked into repairs, and, honestly, a repair and new throat plate, which carries the looper needles, would have cost almost as a new serger. Gulp.

Yes, I pulled out my old Janome 8002D, but, believe me, there’s no comparison. The Juki has a separate motor to drive the knives. Clean cuts. It makes a difference. My Janome tends to eat the fabric edges – the Juki does not. And the Juki is so quiet and steady.

So – I ordered a new Juki MO654DE from SewingMachinesPlus, same place I got my first one. But things have changed! Now the tension knobs have a pic of the looper or needle associated with them. And the price has dropped 🙂

It’s the holidays. Sales. I got this one for over $100 less than my first one. Less a 10% discount. And free shipping. Here’s what’s included:


That lower knife alone is $20. And it has a spare light bulb and oiler. I’m happy about this. I’ll keep my other Juki serger in the spare parts department in my garage.

And enjoy trucking on with my new serger!

P.s. I buy my machines and parts from either Sewing Machines Plus or Ken’s Sewing Center. Both are great. Fast shipping and terrific customer service.

A week till Christmas! I’m wrapping presents today, but still have one DIY gift to sew.

Ciao! Coco

20 thoughts on “Gifting myself – new serger

  1. I have and love this serger! My dear friend was over for a sewing session and she managed to run a zipper under the needles. The left needle broke and I’m pretty sure the plate is bent because the thread makes a gigantic loop no matter how I adjust the tension. So right now it’s operating as a 3-thread machine. If it costs too much to repair, I’ll get the same one just like you did. It’s the best!


  2. Sounds great! I have never had a serger before. Do you think purchasing it with the bonus package is a good idea? Or just going with the serger and adding parts as you go?

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    1. Hi Ellen! you might price the items in the bonus pkg separately, then decide if the extra cost is worth it. My first purchase of this serger was the one with the bonus pkg. Some nice presser feet (that I really haven’t used) and a rolling serger case, which I’ve used a couple times. Also lots and lots of needles! If it’s in your budget, it is fun to get the full monty 🙂


  3. If you don’t get what you want (need) for Christmas it’s always a good idea for Santa to bring you your own present. I make sure he does every year for me!
    Looking forward to all your jersey makes in 2018. Happy Christmas Coco

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  4. I think buying the exact same machine is a real recommendation, Happy Christmas and Happy Sewing to you; look forward to seeing your 1st makes of 2018

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  5. Happy Christmas to you! I thought about asking for an upgraded serger for Christmas but my singer is working ok….. so loud though! Maybe next Christmas for me! Let us know how this one works for you please!

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    1. Merry christmas to you as well! This is my second of this model. Love it. I had a Singer when I first started serging, but not for long. The noise, the shaking…Start a penny jar!


  6. Hooray, Merry Christmas to you! I have a serger, but I have not managed to make friends with it yet. I think I just need to practice more. I know you are going to really enjoy having a machine that you are familiar with. You can just hit the ground running!

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    1. I admit my first serger totally intimidated me, and I didn’t touch it for 6 months. I was convinced I would break it! or make such a mess of the threads that it would be beyond me. Merry Christmas!


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