New patterns – fun ahead

vogue 1New patterns. I always browse the seasonal collections to see if anyone has come up with something new and interesting.

Honestly, I have so many patterns already, which I mix and mash with abandon, that I don’t really buy a lot of new ones.

But recent releases from McCalls got my attention, because they remind me of a couple things I’ve been keeping in my inspiration folder.

First up, and admittedly very trendy this year, paper bag waist pants. The pattern, M7726:

line art pants

I’m leaning toward view D, the relaxed version, in a bottom weight fabric, and put together some nice colors:pants colors

macys linen pants


Linen is another possibility, particularly for our warm seasons (three of them!), but it does have a much different vibe. I like the pink, and I think kiwi green would be awesome.

Second pattern, M7634. Is this the 70’s girl coming out in me? Here’s the line art, but think long hoodie.line art hoodie

Check out all the options in this pattern. I was amazed when I saw it. I’m planning to work with the long top, might add a zipper, and I’m not sure which pocket I’ll use.


hoodie colors

So far all I have is the patterns, but I’m keeping an eye on fabric sales. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at my last animal print of the season. Almost done!


Bye for now! Coco

5 thoughts on “New patterns – fun ahead

  1. Interesting that you’re showing the long hoodie as one of your pattern choices. I just watched the monthly webcast from Silhouette Patterns, where she showed all sorts of variations on the long hoodie. Definitely a cozy option for any season.
    Can’t wait to see the “reveal” of that leopard print!


  2. Like the patterns and they will suit your figure, I looked longingly at the Style Arc Tully but think I don’t have enough waist definition,


  3. I bought Style Arc’s Tully pattern which is similar to view B. I bought navy linen from and I was so excited to get started. Then it got cold in Florida; this time last year we were roasting! Hopefully by March, I will be motivated to sew them. I look forward to seeing your version!


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