V8962 Pencil skirt


This is the first time I’ve sewn a straight skirt! And I love it.

I bought Vogue 8962 four years ago, really for the tunic, but I decided the wrapped front seam didn’t excite me. In the end, I kept the pattern so that I could use the cowl collar on something.

v8962 line art

However, new year and new resolutions. Among other things, I’m determined to try some new designs and make something other than A-line dresses, long cardigans, and loose tunics.


This skirt was inspired by the leopard spot fleece jacket I’m making. I started thinking about how to style it. Jeans of course, and leggings. And then came that moment – how about a short black skirt. This morning I rummaged the stash, found a yard of black ponte, and, just a few hours later, I had a great skirt.


Sewing notes:

  • Much to my disgust, the pattern provides no information on finished measurements. Not on the envelope and not on the tissue. Lots of measuring later, I determined that I’m somewhere between size 12 and 14 (I have 37.5″ hips), so I cut the 14, with 3/4″ taken out of the center front panel.
  • My skirt finished at 40″ at the hip (about 12″ below the natural waistline). It doesn’t cup my backside, thank goodness, but it does have nice slim lines.
  • This is a fast sew! I sewed everything on my sewing machine with a straight stitch. It could be done on a serger, but a caution: it has seven panels and keeping the seams flat is really important. A wavy seam would not be pretty 🙂
  • I added 2″ to the length at the hemline (I’m 5’7). The skirt is simply not as long as it looks on the envelope. I didn’t move the vent down, it’s perfect where it is.
  • And speaking of the envelope, it suggests that the skirt tapers in at the knee, but it doesn’t. It would have to be very tight to do that.


I’m feeling proud of myself, and I definitely want more!


Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “V8962 Pencil skirt

  1. Tres’ chic, Ms. Coco! You’ve got great legs, so this is a wonderful look for you. I think a pencil skirt is so timeless, and now that we can make them out of knit fabric, they are also comfortable. I predict this will be a workhorse in your closet. Great post, Coco!


  2. Always nice to have a pencil skirt or two in the arsenal. This is an especially appealing design…I may even have this pattern in my collection. Thanks once more for the inspiration.


  3. How funny! I was just looking at that pattern last night and wondering if I should keep it or move it out. I don’t have your svelte figure but think I will hang on to it for the top. Your skirt looks amazing; you definitely should make more, especially with summer coming. It could not be more flattering. Imagine how useful it would be in red or taupe or even navy. Great make!


  4. Nice legs lady! Seriously, the skirt looks terrific on you Coco & irks nice to see you in something more fitted for those days you’re feeling sassy & your pain is low(er). Nice job.


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