Fabric stash madness…


Breaking the rules…I had a fantastic shopping spree this morning at Fabric Mart. They have their pre-cut fabrics and fabric kits on sale.

This might be my best fabric sales/order ever. A little over 24 yards of fabric for $54, with shipping!


Included in there, 3 patterns. The Sewing Workshop Eureka top and skirt,

tsw eureka

McCalls 6608 woven and knit skirts,


And New Look 6150 ruched knit tops (perfect for tucking into pants and skirts)!


I love Fabric Mart. Great service, shipping, fabric, and specials. I’m getting dangerous with all the fabric and pattern additions to the loft this year. Wowser!

Ciao! Coco

10 thoughts on “Fabric stash madness…

  1. You got all that lot for 30 quid! I never add in shipping costs.
    I may get to sew in a castle but I certainly can’t buy fabric like you can. Happy sewing


  2. I think A LOT of us fell off the wagon thanks to that sale! I picked up some pre-cut blue ditsy floral ITY for a summer dress… for $1.30/yard!!! Plus several yards of $1/y muslin, some beautiful wool suiting, a challis/pattern combo…. I’ve held back so far this year since they raised their shipping rates, but at these prices, I still spent less than $50 all in and walked away with almost 20 yards of fabric. This probably isn’t something I ought to be *proud* of…. (I blame my primitive hunter-gatherer instincts! Look: Berries! Grab ’em while they’re ripe! LOL)


  3. Oh my goodness! I had not indulged in Fabric Mart until today after reading your post!!! I scored the Eureka pattern kit and some Ponte in off white and taupe. Happy for your linen buy, what a steal. Now I can blame one more obsession on you! 🙃

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  4. Oh, I did that before Christmas when they had 50 or 60% off precuts. I have so much in the stash, I’ve said no more until I get some of it sewn. Have fun with all your sewing when it arrives!

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  5. Your excitement will start all over again when you receive your LARGE package. I can relate.
    First quarter 2018 you’ve got me beat, maybe for all of 2018. Did my buying in 2017 (NY fabric trip) so sitting on my hands when I get next to the computer “just looking” at my fabric haunts. Happy Sewing! You’re off to a great start!!!!!

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  6. I am so jealous and angry. Angry because I perused the precuts yesterday and knew what I was going for first thing this morning. THEN…hubby decided to not go to work today. That means I was late getting up and then he wanted to go to breakfast and Home Depot. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE SALE. I really wanted that black linen and the eggplant ponte. Some other things as well but definitely those 2 items. Of coarse they are gone now. Dang it!

    Oh well, so glad that you got them. I know you will make beautiful things.

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  7. I refer to Fabric Mart as my fabric frenemy because I love their fabrics and and prices and service, but HATE how much temptation exists on their website. 😉 I am both jealous and relieved that you got those ponte knits and I didn’t, haha! The deals on those pre-cuts are amazing–I may not be able to resist getting a couple. Thanks for sharing!

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