M7726 High Waist Pants muslin!


Just had to do it…

I was an avid fan of bag-waist pants and shorts back in the 80’s. Remember the ones in washed denim? Well, I still love them, and I’m so happy to find this pattern from McCalls.

Honestly, I never considered wearing these with any kind of sash, so the picture above is my only nod to that part of the pattern (it would be very pretty for some occasions).

This pattern is fully loaded! but the line art is not intuitive.

Views A and D:

  • These are the wider version from my past.
  • The pleats are open above the waist area, which gives that paper bag effect.

Views B and C:

  • These are a classic slim cut,
  • And the pleats are closed all the way to the top, which gives a fitted high-waist effect.


My muslin is View A/D, cut to the knee so that I could see the fit through the rise and hipline.




Sewing notes:

  • I cut a straight size 12.
  • My only adjustment was to release the front pleats just a little. Since I’ll wear these with a belt, leaving a little ease in the waist works really well. Since the pleats are the last step in construction, this fit adjustment is a piece of cake.
  • Be sure to mark all the notches and circles on the pattern. You’ll need them!
  • And I recommend following the instruction to baste or thread trace the pleat lines, or you might lose your sanity trying to sew straight pleats.


  • A tip: mark the pleat lines on the right side of your fabric, not the inside. The very deep waistline facing would cover any markings on the inside.

Here a few closeups of the waist and pocket details. Not the best photos, but I tried to show the stitching and so on.




Making these will be fun, and I’m scouting for some of that soft washed denim.


Ciao! Coco

6 thoughts on “M7726 High Waist Pants muslin!

  1. These are lovely! While you say you used some of A and D, are your pleats the stitched down option or the open option. Also, what type of fabric did you use for your muslin. I really like the drape and lack of bulk at the waist, even with the pleats. You inspiring me often!

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    1. Thank you Chris! My pleats are open above the waist area, the fabric is cotton broadcloth, which is fairly thin, but more suiting to lining. Linen, chambray, light denim, thik-wale corduroy, and any high quality wool suiting would work great. My first ‘real’ version will be in linen or cotton twill.


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