McCalls 6531 Jacket favorite version


Well, this didn’t take me long! My second, and very favorite , utility jacket version of this great pattern from McCalls.


This is my third version – here’s a look at the previous two (cotton/lycra twill and ripstop). They’re both a little stiff, although the twill is more comfortable than the ripstop.


This latest is Brussels washer linen, which is a linen/rayon blend, more linen than rayon. It is lightweight, rumply after 4 wash/dry cycles, and has a nice slubbed finish.

Fabric from

It’s light enough that I was able to use a drawstring in the waistband casing. I really like the way this looks.


This is almost as long as the longest view, but I took the curve out of the back.


A little blurry 🙂

Some sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size small, instead of the medium.
  • The drawstring is 1/4″ synthetic cord. The pattern calls for 1/8″ cord, but that seems a bit narrow to me. And I only used it in the waist, not in the hem or collar.
  • I placed my casing about an inch below the marking on the pattern, because I’m long-waisted. Even so, it’s does ride a little above my natural waist – but it’s where I like it!
  • Once again, I made my own pocket, nice and big, and added a band at the bottom of the sleeve.


  • I used a vertical buttonhole that’s rounded at the top and bottom. And I practiced a lot to get the right size and thread tension.

buttonhole tests

Great lines and detail, I’m crazy about topstitching, so this was a lot of fun for me


Next up, I’m still working on a long knit hoodie. Wild things…


Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “McCalls 6531 Jacket favorite version

  1. Of the three, this is my favorite as well. It looks so good on you, and I love the color. I need to make this view in something warmer. I have been looking for an in-between jacket, something between a light jacket and a heavy coat to wear over casual clothes. I am thinking fleece or something warm like a washable wool. Would this view work in something heavier? I love a longer jacket like this that covers my bum, especially when I go to work out in leggings. I think this is one of my favorite makes from your blog, but I love all your makes. I may change my mind when I see your hoodie, but if I remember correctly, that is going to be made with a franken-pattern, so maybe not for me. Thanks for sharing, Coco!

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    1. Hi Becky! I think a light wool woven would work great. Fleece – this jacket has a lot of pieces, and the right side buttonhole band is applied over the finished front edge (ends up as 4 layers plus seam allowances). It would get very thick very quickly. The pattern suggests Cotton Blends, Supplex Nylon, Twill, Linen. And thank you for all the nice compliments!


  2. I agree, this is the best yet. Perfect color (so was the last one) but the fabric is such a comfortable choice. I like it withOUT the curve in the back.

    And please tell me you don’t always cut on the floor. Special circumstances perhaps? Otherwise I agree with Fran….I would need the paramedics.

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  3. Love this version the most..AND…you cut out on the floor??!!?!?? I would have to be removed by paramedics!!! Oh, my poor back! hips! and legs!

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    1. Thank you, Fran. And yes, I do all my cutting on the floor – can’t stand for long periods, hip and back are messed up. I even have my ironing board at sitting level so I can do that without standing!


  4. OH, I LOVE IT! When I first opened this up and saw the jacket, I went OOOOOHH! Beautiful job once again and the size small looks “just right!”

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