Hooded cardigan success

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Finally! I’ve been working on a hoodie cardigan design for a couple months, ever since I saw a ‘maxi hoodie’ on Pinterest (below).


I simply cannot find a pattern to match it, but have worked with a several that have requisite elements. A couple of attempts later, my final design is based on the Vogue 9275 jacket, with the hood from McCalls 7634.

line v9275-side

Sewing notes:

  • I used a medium jacket (no lining) and size 12 hood. Incredibly, the necklines match perfectly, all the way down to the shoulder markings. So easy.
  • My fabric is a lovely Hacci sweater knit from Fabric Mart. Like many knits, it’s printed, and this one is solid cream on the inside. I’m super picky about having the wrong side of fabric exposed, because it can really detract from a garment. For a nicer finish to the hood, I faced it (just cut it out twice) in self-fabric.


  • And to avoid having the inside exposed on the front, I drafted facings for the front and back neckline.ย The back facing has the added benefit of stabilizing the jacket/hood seam, and the front facing will let me add a zipper in future versions.

facing 1

facing 2

  • As much as I like sweatshirts, I’m not always fond of their signature kangaroo pockets. I used a large patch pocket (7 1/2″ high and 7″ wide finished dimension). They don’t even show because of the print.


  • Last change, I added 2″ to the length of the jacket – mine is 36″ long at the center back, from the base of hood to the hem.




Whew. I’m so pleased with this. In anticipation of everything working, I ordered a great small polka dot sweatshirt fabric. I’m going for the whole works: ย a zipper, bottom band, and corded hood.

Bye for now – Coco


18 thoughts on “Hooded cardigan success

  1. I admire your process. Although I might not want to sew a long hoodie I am patching patterns together for an occasion dress in which the insides will show. Now how’s that for inspiration – not the exact same garment but the same processes? Youn have so many patterns to pick from.
    Cool hoody of course and suits you perfectly.

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    1. Thanks, Ruth. I think it’s so fun to work many patterns to get somewhere, and I know you do the same. It really personalizes a garment. Hope to see your dress, you always do such pretty ones for an occasion.

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  2. I’ve been enjoying this series on jackets! Just loving all the inspiration that you are providing me.

    I was actually thinking of a ‘hoodie’ type jacket and your make reminds me that you can make a hoodie without it looking like a….well, hoodie. Can’t wait to see the polka dot version!

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    1. Thank you, Sue. It has been really enjoyable, particularly as I get to work with so many details. Very different from a repeat of a shift dress I might have sewn half a dozen times! I’m sitting here with an itchy nose from all the lint from washing/drying the polka dot. But it really is nice fabric!


  3. I like this longer length hoodie. Self lining the hood and using facings of the same fabric really makes the inside attractive as the outside. Nice job. Look forward to seeing the polka dot one.

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    1. Thanks, Faye. I bet you have them or something similar. I like the vogue jacket as the base, because it’s meant for woven fabric. In this knit, it has just the right amount of swing and ease.


  4. That turned out so nice. How is the ‘feel’ though with it being Hacci? Sturdy enough? I know the polka dot sweatshirt fabric will be sturdy enough. I love polka dot fabric. Is that black or navy?

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    1. Thank you! The Hacci is a perfect weight and feel for a light cardigan. With the facings and so on, it’s not at all flimsy. The dot fabric is black, and in the laundry right now ๐Ÿ™‚


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