vogue 7726 high waist pants in red

front 2

Simply irresistible! Joel did it on  Northern Exposure, but this YouTube version is the original by Robert Palmer. All the anticipated red vibe…it was in my mind the whole time I was sewing these pants!

This is my second version (original in black here), so here’s a look at the pattern:


I sewed View D in Kaufman Brussels washer linen. It’s a wonderful linen blend, more linen than rayon, and is a great marriage of these two fibers. Unlike 100% linen, this blend is not itchy/prickly or wrinkly. All my pics here are straight out of a wash/dry cycle, no ironing. I don’t iron!

back 2

Such nice pants. I’ve gotten both verbal and non-verbal compliments while wearing them. Makes my heart sing.

Top: New Look 6150 in grunge burnout jersey

Sewing notes, and because it’s easier to photograph red, I can share some details of the construction that just could not be seen on the black pair:

  • I added a line of topstitching above and below the pleats, which secures them and ensures that the waistband facing doesn’t shift.


  • I’m really picky about finishing details, all the way down to the belt loops. I didn’t want mine to ravel, so I serged the ends and took the time to sink all my threads. For me, it’s all part of sewing, I don’t mind extra steps at all.


  • I really wanted to keep the flow and continuity of the color on this pair. Using a contrast belt of some kind didn’t appeal to me. So I made a belt!


This is a 1 3/4″ buckle from Dritz. The sliding middle piece makes it self-catching, and it stays put as promised.

dritz adjustale slide buckle

I did some looking online, and I found lots of similar options at Emmaline Bags. On their site, they’re described as strap sliders, and they come in widths up to 2″.


Cute, right? I interfaced the entire width of the belt, 4.5″ wide unfinished, folded it, and added trapunto stitching.

front belt

  • And as on my black pair, I added a fly shield. My first post (link above) has details. It’s not difficult and makes a huge difference in how the fly looks and feels.

More pics…

front 1back

This is definitely not a quick sew – it has many details, and it requires attention and time during layout, cutting, and construction. But it’s so worth the effort, and I enjoy a project that has a bit of challenge.

These pants,  red and black, are my go-to pairs for strutting my stuff  – sassy 🙂

Bye for now – Coco

21 thoughts on “vogue 7726 high waist pants in red

  1. oh, my goodness! i discovered your blog through Pinterest, and you are so wonderfully elegant! you look amazing in those pants!


  2. I love the red pants! With your height they suit you very well. I have never tried brussel linen fabric because the word linen is such a turn off for me as I don’t like to iron either. Glad to know they are more wash/dry and wear. You should be getting compliments as these pants are well fitting and suited for you!


  3. WOW! Simply gorgeous! I’m so jealous because at 5’2″ (even if I could manage the sewing part! doubtful!), I could never pull off wearing wide legged pants. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks is much, over the years I’ve been heavier though not shorter. Well, I’m skinny now and 1.5″ shorter than I was 10 years ago! But I’ve always enjoyed wide leg pants. I think it’s all about what you want and how things feel. You might try this, adjust to your height, and just love them! Just for you 🙂


  4. These red pants are so nice ! Perfect fit; perfect sewing. Piece after piece, you just keep sewing and posting. I am beginning to develop an inferiority complex. Have to go back and read your post on the black pair. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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