McCalls 6559 Getting ready for summer


Summer’s coming, earlier here in south Florida than in places north. Time to build that comfortable summertime wardrobe of things to wear every day!

OK, my daily life is quiet – at 70+ and retired, I climb leap out of bed and into something that is pretty, but also nice to wear all day. My favorite fabrics for that lifestyle are challis wovens and jersey knits, in a midi- or maxi-length. If it’s chilly, I get into leggings and a top. If not, into a nice dress. Admission: I cannot stand to feel the backs of my legs on the sofa! Makes me nuts…

I bought a bunch of ITY knit fabric earlier this year with summer sewing in mind. This particular print was a disappointment, because I thought the print was smaller. But it worked really well for my ‘muslin’ of my 2018 summer dress.

I just had to get the pattern in the right place. Which took about 3 yds of the fabric. Without the print matching, this dress would have worked easily in 2 yds.

So, my starting point, a great knit dress, McCalls 6559 (and I love the cardigan, I have it in black and pink).

M6559 lines

I’ve sewn it a couple times before, but this time I was going for a little upper arm coverage. So I modified the outside shoulder using Butterick 6215.

B6215 kubwa

My pattern draft:

Pattern change

Wonderful! After I took these pics for the blog, I just stayed in it. That’s a true test…

Fabric from Fabric Mart

I have 3 more pieces of ITY, and I was thinking of other changes. But this is a winner, I think I’ll just stay with it and keep sewing 🙂


Happy sewing! Coco

14 thoughts on “McCalls 6559 Getting ready for summer

    1. thanks, Ruth. It’s strange. Ever since I decided to try new things this year, I’ve really been enjoying my sewing. energized 🙂 My next challenge is actually going sleeveless, no cardigan, outside the house – I know that if I do it once, I’ll get the confidence to do it again.


  1. I really enjoy your blog posts and seeing all of the wonderful clothes you make. I’m new to sewing with knits. Could you provide some of your favorite fabrics stores to purchase them from? Thank you Carmen


  2. First, let me say this, I’ve been following your blog for some time now and absolutely love all the detail you give to pattern adjustments. I also like your commentary on the fabric you choose. But in all my years of sewing I’ve never seen the abbreviation of ITY knit fabric – can you explain it’s properties? Thanks!

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    1. Hi Charlene! ITY is a polyester knit – ITY Knit. ITY stands for Interlock Definition: Twist Yarn. It is a method of putting a twist in yarn used for knit fabrics resulting in a more natural elasticity and a soft feel inside & out.

      Beyond that, it’s very tightly woven, heavier than a rayon or cotton knit. But very smooth, slinky, lovely to wear. It’s deceptive – it’s thin, but because it’s so tightly woven, it does need a larger needle. I love to sew it, let me know if I can help you explore this fabric!

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