Goes with coffee…


Now that our cool weather is past, I’m working on warm weather thingies to wear around the house. Retirement inevitably comes with the temptation to go grunge very casual most of the time. Tee shirt, leggings, socks, PJs. But part of my new year/new me is to avoid that!

I’ve just finished two sets, both in ITY knit from Fabric Mart. And for both, I paired a Wiksten tank top with V9217 Kathryn Brenne pants.

1-Wiksten Tank Top-side

Sewing notes:

  • That deeply curved hem on the tank top is very trying and fiddly with ITY knit, so I just cut an even hem from side to side.
  • And I used self-fabric binding on the neckline and armholes to dress them up a bit.
  • The pants are very simple – no pockets and a straight hem. The original pattern is ankle length, so I added 2″ at the hemline to go long and swooshy.


I didn’t attempt to match the print, top to pants, but managed it within each piece. I’m wearing these right now, and I love how the fabric feels.


For the second set, I added a Wiksten top to the V9217 pants I made late last year.


I’m crazy about this print, and if I see it again, I’ll jump on it.



This is fun sewing, totally selfish! And I was right – wearing something pretty is uplifting, it just enhances the day.

Bye for now – Coco

10 thoughts on “Goes with coffee…

  1. Oh you look absolutely gorgeous! I am wearing gray sweats, an indigo cotton tee and a blue waterfall cardi. While not as stylish as your new outfits, I do try to put together loungewear that is comfy and pretty. I love the B/W set.


  2. Just discovered your blog. What joy!! Love your style, attitude and all the wonderful clothes you make. Funnily enough although I live in a completely different climate to you (Scotland) my choices are very similar. I just wish I could be as prolific as you.
    Thank you for keeping me engrossed the last two evenings. Look forward to seeing your future makes.


    1. Thank you so much Elinglis! Scotland – how beautiful. I have a lot of Scottish and Irish in my ancestry, have always wished I could visit. My daughter and I talked often of taking the train from London to Edinburgh, what a great trip that would be! Welcome to the blog, wonderful to hear from you. Coco


  3. Beautiful “home clothes” (which is what I call them) and I’m busy doing that too. Remembering last summer when I almost melted at 30 degrees C. I’ve been focused on wovens which I find cooler than knits (especially linen). I made up 3 Ogden Camis (rayon, light silk and cotton), the Reef pattern and now the Eucalyptus tank which I’ve drafted an all-in-one facing for (my favourite finishing for woven sleeveless) I have some Liberty lawn burning a hole in my pocket. Yes! for making pretty home clothes! I’ve decided to invest a LOT of time into making nice things for “just around the house” since that’s where I am most of the time. Love your outfit!

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  4. I can really appreciate your your play on casual & at home wear. Although not retired yet, I’ve fallen pray to being a bit too casual at home myself. I have some large yardage ITY pieces that have been in my stash for far too long that I could/should use to copy your wonderful idea. Thanks a bunch!


  5. I like both of these prints a lot….can’t decide which I like better….yep, like both of them equally. And you are right, wearing something pretty and that you feel good in is uplifting. I learned that a long time ago and practiced it for a while but somehow got out of practice. I would dress for public or company ready every day whether I had plans to leave the house of not. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or constricting. Wearing funk (my word for it) or gutter cleaning clothes is easy but not inspiring or good for the soul.

    Thank you, you have reminded me of this and now I must drag myself out of the gutter and get out of my funk. After all, we are worth it!

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  6. Oh, what fun. I hear you–I have just decided that I need to curb my impulse to sew ever more fancy wear-out-in-public clothes… and sew more things for my life at home. Or I could just actually convince myself it’s OK to wear those public clothes at home! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m laughing! sometimes I look in my closet and realize I have lots of things I’ve made and only wear out. And my social life is mostly the grocery, pharmacy, and library. So lots of seldom-worn clothes. I’m trying to undo that mentality πŸ™‚


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