McCalls 7476 Cardi Part 2


More fun with this pattern – As mentioned in my last post (here), I really did tweak my short cardi draft and cut out a new version in this wonderful polka dot sweatshirt fabric. I wish I had more of this! I was working with about 1 yard, and I just couldn’t wrest out the sleeves.

A look at the pattern with which I’m working:

m7476 line art

And my goal, a short buttoned cardi similar to the Ready to Sew Jamie cardi:

Jamie inspiration

I think I’m in love with lightweight sweatshirt fabric. It’s perfect for this topper. (midweight french terry would work as well).


An unbuttoned look”


A few notes:

  • I used a button/snap combo for closure. No, I’m not going to put buttonholes in this fabric!
  • On the right side, 5/8″ Toronto horn buttons from Wawak.

right side

Underneath, and on the left side, #4 snaps.

left side

This button and snap combo works great, because they are the same size. In my future, a search for metal snaps in colors, something other than black or nickel…

  • To hem the sleeve, I just serged the edge, turned it under 5/8″, and topstitched it. A double-fold hem would be too bulky.


  • A note on interfacing – any knit facing or band will try to grow when it’s handled. I interface my knit facings with tricot knit fusible, which works really well. To combat stretching, I put my pattern piece on the ironing board, lay the facing/band on top and adjust it to the pattern (a little steam can help), and then apply the fusible. I want to end up with facings that fit!
  • You can also stabilize edges with strips of knit interfacing, particularly curved or angled cuts, if your fabric is shifty.

Since I’m on a short cardi kick, here’s another idea. McCalls 6803 is a great candidate for anyone who doesn’t want to draft and draft and draft…just shorten it!


What next…well, I ordered some heathered rose jersey for a long version of M7476, and it should be here soon. I’m also toying with the idea of a knit wrap dress. I have Christine Johnson’s wrap dress pattern, and some cute jersey. Most of all, I’m looking for more polka dot sweatshirt fabric!

Parting shot:  I’m cold today – we got down to 50 degrees last night, and my house is chilly. Here’s a pic of the sweatshirt-styled topper I made last month with jersey knit and  M7634, unembellished… It feels great and is on my ‘I need more’ list.


Bye for now – Coco

9 thoughts on “McCalls 7476 Cardi Part 2

  1. Okay…where to begin? The button/snap combo is brilliant Coco! The short cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe and I haven’t yet attempted to sew one…I’m a bit stuck on the RTW look and I’m afraid I won’t achieve it. I love reading your tips and trials. Have you tried either the Juniper cardi or the Lisbon cardi? They have the crew neck option that I love. That being said, the V neck would be a safer bet when it comes to smooth finishes.


  2. Just gotta say how much I look forward to your blog posts. I read them through and through – more than once! I always learn something and feel connected to a kindred spirit. Thank you! Lovely sweater, and I too simply relish wearing rayon sweatshirt fleece – so cozy and the drape is great.

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    1. You’re welcome, Cheryl! I use this on fleece of any kind , and on ponte knits. I’m chicken to try buttonholes, and find they don’t wear well even if I get them in!


  3. OH, have you got my head spinning. Heading to JoAnn’s to search for some of these patterns. LOVE what you do! This short cardi/vest is terrific and in such a great fabric. I’ve never seen a polka dot sweatshirt fabric before–how cute is that! The parting photo of M7634 is a great, easy to wear top and looks perfect on you. WELL DONE and THANKS!

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