Paro Cardigan by Itch to Stitch

back 1

This cardigan is amazing!

What a lovely design. When I came across it on Pinterest, I was sure I would sew it.

Paro Cardigan-side

I started with a muslin (I’m still enjoying this print from Fabric Mart).


And I discovered a little wonkiness going on in the waistband – a little pulling and sagging. It’s not at all noticeable in a print, but would be in a solid.

tiled insides

This was an easy fix to include in future versions. I took the curve out of the front waistband and straightened the bottom of the back bodice (it’s actually a little swoopy from center back to the sides, once the pleat is sewn).

I was so happy with this cardigan that I couldn’t wait to make another one in a fabric I’ve been saving for something special. Check out this tattoo print from Cali Fabrics (sorry, I also bought up the remaining yardage a couple days ago. Picture a long robe).

Print fabric

front 2

side 2

side 1

Sewing notes:

  • Fabrics: The pattern site has a blog post with examples from a myriad of testers, in all sizes and many different fabrics. It is so helpful! Both my fabrics are cotton/lycra and have 25% horizontal/20% vertical stretch.
  • Sizing: I followed the pattern information and sewed size 8. Just in case I use a stable fabric in the future, I printed the pattern with sizes 8 and 10 (gotta’ love layered PDFs).
  • The pleats on the bodice: I followed the suggestion for small-busted women and topstitched the front bodice pleats for 3″. They’re so pretty.

Favorite presser foot

  • BTW, notches and marks are super important for all those pleats. On a dark fabric I use my trusty white marking pen. It steams/wipes right off, and it doesn’t cause any discoloration. Even better, because it’s a roller pen, it doesn’t disappear from a knit the way chalk does. I get mine from JoAnn, it’s usually in the quilters’ markers and notions aisle.

clover white marking pen

  • The front band: The pattern for the band is 6″ wide and finishes at about 2.5″ wide. IMO, it’s a heavy element in the design, perhaps just a little too wide. Mine is 4.5″ wide and finishes at about just under 2″ wide.
  • I also added 4″ to length of my band, so I could attach it all the way to the bottom of the garment and incorporate it in the hem. This is much easier than the approach in the instructions and makes a nice clean finish:-)


  • Last note on the band, I interfaced mine with tricot knit fusible. Knit bands want to stretch out, get wavy, and generally misbehave (check out the examples online to see what I mean). Interfacing helps with that.

up close

I’m smitten – this is a unique, fun, and feminine design!

Ciao – Coco

10 thoughts on “Paro Cardigan by Itch to Stitch

  1. I was a tester for this and completely agree with your comments. As testers we are not allowed to deviate from the design but I may just make another one and incorporate your ideas. Bravo on yours, totally lovely!

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  2. I love it, Coco! Thanks for all the production notes, as I have been thinking about making this for some time. The fabric is very cool!

    Liked by 1 person

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