Meet Callie Lapin…


Callie is cousin to Luna Lapin, a little French hare.


Originally I planned to use wool felt for Callie’s body, and I ordered it online from The Felt Pod. But I couldn’t work with it – allergies. So I opted for grey kona cotton, which works really well.

Some pics along the way…

I drafted my patterns with a 1/4″ seam allowance and sewed everything on my machine. I find it easier to sew small doll pieces using the pattern on top of the fabric, with a very small stitch length (2.2 on long edges, 1.2 around curves).

sewing the pattern

After tearing away the tissue, I cut out my pieces with pinking shears. The pinked edge is safer than clips on curves and adds ease to all the seams.

sewn and pinked

I happen to like floppy ears on rabbits, so I redrew her head and lengthened her ears (more in a later photo).


I’m always happy when all the body parts are sewn and I can start turning and stuffing. Over years of making fabric dolls, I’ve collected and adapted some great tools.


Chopsticks, manicure sticks, cocktails skewers, hemostats, and tweezers.



I also find doll needles to be indispensable.  I used one to stabilize the head while I attached it, and ran one side to side, straight through the body and head, to attach the arm buttons and eyes.

Doll Makers Journey is my go-to source for tools, fabrics, and much more!

Callie has a pink nose, eyes, and shoulder buttons. Outlining her nose with thread made the embroidery work very simple.



Cute bunny.


Of course she’s after me for something to wear. The fitting of her first outfit (dress and knickers) is scheduled for this afternoon 🙂

first dress

She was fun to make, and I plan more outfits as well as some flip-flops in her size. Rather than do more posts here, I’ve set up a Pinterest board for Callie and any other Sarah Peel designs that grab me.

Ciao! Coco

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  1. Bunny. Sandals. You win. That’s my new favorite phrase. And! And! How did I NOT follow you on Pinterest before now?! I’ve missed so much….


  2. Adorable! You two are going to match. I made the catnip snake you introduced us to last year times three. My cats loved them, thank you!

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