Blackwood Cardigan in Ponte Knit


More love for the Blackwood Cardigan pattern from Helen’s Closet.

part 1-side

Feeling adventurous, I used a very stretchy (60%/40%) rayon/nylon/lycra ponte from Fabric Mart (my first version was in hacci knit, here).


I actually began construction with the neckline band, because I knew it would be the biggest challenge. I did not want to end up with a wavy, stretched out band! So – my approach:

  • I keep my ironing board at table height, so it can double as a work surface. The foam pad makes a great pin cushion as well!


  • I measured the band and did all my work with a measuring tape above it to ensure I wasn’t stretching the fabric. Or possibly shrinking it when I applied the fusible interfacing.


  • After I folded the band and gave it a press, I did some fancy basting to prevent shifting when it was sewn. It took a while, but was worth the effort.


  • I also made a 12″ long replica for testing my stitches, tension, and so on.



A couple more sewing notes:

  • I staystitched the neckline edges of the garment to stabilize them while I was handling the fabric. On the back neckline, I stitched from the center back to the shoulder. On the front pieces, I stitched from the bottom edge to the shoulder.


  • To avoid stretching my seams, I sewed them first on the sewing machine, and simply finished the edges on the serger.


Whew! but it all worked 🙂






Next up, of course I’m going to sew this in a cotton/lycra jersey!

Bye for now, Coco

13 thoughts on “Blackwood Cardigan in Ponte Knit

  1. It is a nice pattern and your versions make it even more tempting! Looking forward to seeing the next iteration, so helpful to see it in different fabrics, thanks.


    1. Hi Lillian. I used a universal needle size 70/10, and my ‘regular’ presser feet, not a walking foot. My machine allows me to adjust the presser foot pressure, which is very helpful for all fabrics. I think I have 80/12 universal needles in my serger at the moment (I go up a size for denims).


  2. I love this pattern, I have made two already and see more in the future. Your two versions look wonderful. It really is a nice pattern.


  3. thanks so much for the tips–your quiet polished style is beautifully realized in this garment–kudos! joan


  4. Oh you are so meticulous with the tape measure,with the band. I’m afraid I don’t have that much patience (right now, anyway), but it certainly paid off in a beautiful garment!!


  5. Hi Coco, with this solid color, I can SEE this cardigan even better. When I got to the nice back view on you, what came to mind was this: “very sophisticated!” Love the length and appreciate your preparation work–so worth it. ALWAYS some wonderful tips from you. Looking forward to your next version. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


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