M7634 Small post…


It is incredibly rainy here, NOAA is talking about a tropical disturbance in the making. Hmmm. Grey. I wore this top this morning to an appointment, and my doctor loved it!!

It’s a slightly modified version of M7476. I simply added 4.5″ inches to the length of view B and went with it – regular sleeves, no hood, no center embellishment:

line art hoodie

I love wearing this top – it’s so simple and so easy to wear.

For now, Coco

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  1. I love it too. The cuffs look awesome! Thanks for posting about attaching them without stretching. I found that very helpful. I read last month that NOAA is predicting a very active hurricane season; I hope they are wrong because we are still making repairs from Irma on our little farm!

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