How to say it…


I love all my followers and blog friends. But, I find myself overwhelmed by health issues. Scleroderma, heart, other TBD …

I am under good, wonderful care at Cleveland Clinic.

I won’t stop sewing until I have to! And I’ll continue to enjoy everyone’s posts.

Thank you all for your friendship and support over the last 6 years. Great ride.

Best – Coco


60 thoughts on “How to say it…

  1. I love imagining your lovely fabric-filled life in Florida and I so hope you get back to it quickly with instructions on saying as healthy as possible. You are right — Cleveland Clinic is a wonderful place to be right now. Thank you so much and please let us know how you are!


  2. CoCo I am so sorry you are not feeling well! I will miss your posts sew much! Not just the sewing aspect but the human one as well. You have shared with us your talent and your self. I was thinking of you last weekend when I was able to help a woman due to your sharing your journey with Raynauld’s syndrome. I recognized a woman tubing the same river was in distress and realized what was wrong although she was shivering so badly she could only nod her head. Because of you sharing a bit about this issue I had looked it up and knew what it was when faced with it and was able to help this woman after several along the river had ignored her distress. Thank you for that. I pray you will heal quickly and be back in your sewing room soon! You are missed!!!


  3. Coco, you do know that you personally have a lot to answer for.. my bank balance being one of those things……..
    You sent me to Girl Charlie and made me purchase fabric; you made me buy untold numerous patterns (many, yet to be cut out and made) but the best bit is your continuous inspiration, optimistic viewpoint and continual encouragement.
    I wish you all the very best; keeping sewing, keep wearing your fabulous outfits and stay in touch.
    I look forward to the day when you return to us.

    To me you have been more than an internet sewing inspiration BTW – an idol, a virtual soul mate and friend.



  4. Oh Coco! I am so sorry you are not well. I am sending positive thoughts your way. I will miss your posts and your wonderful creations.


  5. Coco, I am so sorry to read this. I am sure they are taking very good care of you! Do your best to rest and follow the doctor’s orders! We need you back, inspiring us to create and sew. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Best wishes and strength to you. I will keep this blog on my list and hope you check in from time to time.


  7. Thank you Coco for all you have shared. You have inspired me to try many of my now favorite patterns. Prayers and best wishes,


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