Burnside Bibs…


Here we go! to put aside all age issues, I’m over 70, and I love my Burnside Bibs 🙂

In fact, I love overalls. From a company picnic 15 years ago (and this reminds me I need some black and pink sneakers).


I am so happy to be sewing and blogging again. I spent about 5 days on these, poco a poco, but it was so much fun. These are the cutest britches ever.

line art
Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs


Some sewing notes:

  • I sewed a straight size 10, based on waist and hips. Perfect.
  • I used the bib from Version 1 and the bottom from Version 2. Curved bib and no back darts.
  • Front pockets, a tip: serge the edges and then pull up the needle threads to turn the fold on those curves.

serger pulling

  • Belt loops. I sewed them as a tube, serged each end, and pulled my serger tails inside with a double-eye needle.


belt loops

  • I also added three belt loops to the front to keep the ties in place and also to keep them from dropping away when they were untied. One over the center front, and another over the outside edge of each pocket.


  • Thank goodness I didn’t add to the length! because these were very long on me. It’s almost impossible to know where they will hit until they’re on and tied. I ended up cutting off 2 1/4″ and using a 2″ hem!

first fitting

  • I added the back pockets much closer to the waist than noted on the pattern. Unfortunately, they really poked out (flat bum), and I removed them.

baggy pkt

  • But the bibs still look great without them.


Thank you all for all the comments and support over the last couple weeks. Three tests and labwork next week, and I fully expect to be my usual funky self 🙂



Bye for now – Coco

53 thoughts on “Burnside Bibs…

  1. These look so. SO. good on you Coco! I have this pattern….I think I’ve had it for about a year…and for some reason it keeps slipping into the number two sewing spot. Back up to the top of the tier it goes after seeing yours.

    Thanks for the tips re the back pockets.


  2. Welcome back!!! I hope you continue to improve everyday. And had to share this. I grocery shop in a college town. Spotted a young thing wearing bibs Friday, so you’d fit in with all the young’uns just fine.


  3. Good to see you back, looking as charming as ever. Those are fabulous bibs on you! I also love that double eyed needle—I’ve never seen one before. Beats the little earner I have to turn tubes :). Take good care. Abbey


  4. Oh Coco, only you can make overalls look so elegant and I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better! Also, thanks for the belt loop tips; I always learn so much from you.

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  5. Love the Burnsides on you. Lovely fabric & great tips, as always. So glad you shared—I have the pattern & the fabric; but I’ve been busy loving on and sewing for grand baby #3. Happy to see you are feeling up to sewing & sharing. May your tests bring the results you are wishing for. (And mucho thanks for the flat bum tip! I think I like them better without—-not so “fussy” on this child of the 60’s.)

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  6. A 70’s reminder for sure. I owned a pair of bibs back then and at one point, dyed them black. I am afraid that off the rack work bibs were overwhelming on my 5’2″ frame, but I liked them anyway. I also made a pair of Granny Square hot pants bibs and wore them over a purple body suit. I gave them to a friend who really liked them. I do that every once in a while.

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    1. Wild woman! Bet those hot pant bibs were really something 🙂 And I love that you wore bibs at your height. IMO they’re great for everyone (well, I just think folks should have fun and wear whatever they like).


  7. Hi Coco, I love reading your posts, daily, weekly, monthly, whenever you have the time and energy to post. I am glad you are back with us. Those overalls are stinking cute and those pockets had to go. Yep, pink Converse would be perfect. Life is short, buy all the colors. Hope you continue to feel better.

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    1. I’m with you, KS! Clothes are fun at any age, and I see enough ‘older’ people here in Florida to know that I’m not ever going to wear polyester shorts with a muffin-top-grabbing tank top !


  8. These are very cute on you, but I don’t think they are for me. I think it helps that you are tall and slim. Good luck on all the testing!

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  9. Heck with commenting about your gorgeous overalls, it” so good to see you!!!!! Slow-sew feels best to me, as my focus is reenergized after a session, while thoughts of changes, alterations, things-to-try, etc. run through my brain until I get back to the project the next day with a plan. Love reading anything you post!

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