Artwork while waiting for fabric…

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.56.24 PM

Words for a perfect day…two pieces of Brussels Washer Linen from are almost here!

Meanwhile, I’m continuing my Chameleon Colortone Pen journey. After practicing for 5 weeks, I’m confident enough to commit to something. The design has taken me a couple weeks. I started with pencil, added the black detail, and used a white rubber eraser to clean it up.

This is for my son, who got me started with these pens for Mother’s Day. It’s 5×7, and I began adding color just this morning.


It’s actually on white cardstock, but I took this pic with my antiquated flip-phone 🙂

A tremendous help – I finally made a color chart with all my pens. It’s just to the side of my work table, an easy reference as I colorize the picture.


For now – Coco

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