True Bias dreaming – the Yari


A rainy day spent cutting and taping. And thinking of the possibilities of the True Bias Yari jumpsuit.

This pattern went by me when it was released. Recent pics on Instagram got me!


I did lots of browsing and blog reading before I jumped. Indie patterns tend to be expensive, and this is no exception at $14 for the PDF version.

Having purchased and downloaded the pattern, I found myself out of printer ink and paper 🙂 Normally I have backup inventory of both, but (1) printing the Grainline Felix dress wiped me out of paper, and (2) I got a new printer a couple months ago. And haven’t bought more ink.



BTW, this is a great inexpensive printer, $49.99, the Epson Expression Home 440. It’s fully featured, easy to use, and not kerflunked with web links and so on, as was my previous HP printer (drove me crazy)


dst 2


Anyway, I did an early early morning sprint to Office Depot. I don’t take a shopping trip lightly, because I don’t like to do it! I went with my first cup of Joe in hand.

Back to the pattern,  I found two versions that clinched it for me. Both feature the wide-leg hack that Kelli has on her site (here).

From the Kelli, one that reminds me of all the pinafore-inspired jumpsuits being seen this summer:


And from the delightfully creative and talented Sophie at Ada Spragg, beautifully done with a waist casing:


I will be cautious! There are a bunch of critical fitting points, so I’ll do a muslin in stash cottons, just the shorts.

However – ordered this morning, pear Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen. This color is not easy to find, but ImagineGnats came to my rescue 🙂


p.s. I do buy a lot of this Brussels Washer linen from, but they haven’t had this color in stock. Still, it’s a great shopping alternative. They have a wonderful inventory of Kaufman linens, both Brussels Washer and Essex.

Back soon! Coco

5 thoughts on “True Bias dreaming – the Yari

  1. With all the jumpsuit patterns showing up this spring and summer not one appealed to me UNTIL the Yari 🙂 I saw this jumpsuit pattern and bought it right away (printed). Love this style and of course no surprise there since the Ogden is one of my favourite patterns for summer. Love the princess seams and option to have a waist or not. I haven’t made mine up yet but I have about 3 m. of Olive Linen that has Yari on it 🙂


  2. Hi, Coco!

    It must be the phase of the moon we’re in or some other phenomena going on in the universe today…I had pattern assembling issues as well. I purchased the Kielo wrap dress (Named Clothing) and tried to send the shop copy to Staples late yesterday to print. (I had grand plans to cut the fabric out last night – silly me!). They couldn’t open the link. The sizes are stacked and this is the first time I tried to print just my size – no luck. So-o-o-o I printed all 36 pages and although they were numbered, there were no symbols to match them up for assembly. I love doing jigsaw puzzles, but this was ridiculous. And for the price of the pattern, they honestly need to do better! I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took me…all 36 pages lined up all over my floor.

    I was at my daughter’s all day and just got home – and I’m ready to cut the pattern out. But now there are no lengthen or shorten lines anywhere on this pattern and it runs super long. So instead of cutting the fabric, I’m now doing an internet search for shortening directions. The dress is cocoon shaped so I just can’t cut 5” off the bottom and call it a day…or I would lose the lines of the side seams. I like independent pattern companies (I love their Inari Tee dress – even thought I wasn’t sure I would like it) and even though this one was released over a year ago, these were frustrating issues for me.

    If you have a minute and want a good laugh, please find “robinsnest1926” on IG and read her July 23 entry about jumpsuits. I thought she was the author, but she said it was written by “Peter and Jane” on Facebook (I’ve never done Facebook and I have no idea who they are, but it’s quite funny!).

    Happy sewing…I hope you have clear sailing from here! Enjoy your beautiful new jumpsuit…knowing you, you’ll be modeling it tomorrow!

    All the best,



  3. Oh that pear color is a pretty one. I can’t wear yellows and yellow/greens due to my coloring which of course makes me covet it more. Should look wonderful on you.


  4. Looking forward to your hack. I can’t wear this style, since I am a definite pear. That color is one of my favorites, and I buy it whenever I see it! I’m surprised more people don’t like it, but it is one of those colors that people love or hate. I will keep that printer in mind. I have been having lots of printer problems lately – GAH!

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