Needlepoint – Alphonse Mucha Night’s Rest

project canvas

I’m so excited. My needlepoint project elements have come together, and I’m ready to begin stitching.

This little journey started back in July, and it reflects how I like to spend a day. Sewing in the morning, reading and handwork in the afternoon and evening.

But I had run out of handwork things to sew. I finished my Luna rabbit, and I just don’t feel like working on dolls.

I’ve always enjoyed needlework. Cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel, they all intrigue me. So I started thinking…

I really wanted something I do not have to count and for which I won’t be constantly referencing a color/stitch chart.

This needlepoint tapestry kit is perfect. Better yet, it’s a Mucha print. Love love Mucha’s artwork. Just amazing.

I found this kit after a lot of looking, and I eventually purchased it on Amazon. The shipper is Aidalux, an eBay store.

  • The pattern is color-printed on 14-count canvas,
  • All thread is included,
  • It has a wonderful color chart on the canvas,
  • And (drum roll) it is done in half-cross stitch with 6-thread cotton floss. One note on the floss: I do not use a thread conditioner, wax or silicone, because they attract lint, dust, and skin oils. I just wash my hands before picking up my needlework, so that I don’t transfer cream and etc. from my hands to the piece. This tapestry will not be washed, ever, so it’s important.

I will not even pretend this was anything other than an indulgence. The kit is $75, but it shipped free from Italy. I was amazed that it arrived so quickly. Ordered Aug. 1, shipped on Aug. 2, and arrived Aug. 12.


Speaking of indulgence, I also ordered a fantastic scroll frame from Overstock, the Doodler Stitch Frame. It’s lovely! It’s heavy hardwoods, has a very smooth finish, features wood knobs with sunken metal receptors for the metal bolt-end on the dowels, has a generous heavy-weight aida-cloth belt on the dowels, and, unbelieveable, comes with 3 sets of dowels: 12″, 15″ (the ones I’m using for this canvas), and 18″ (pic at end).

So, I spent the entire morning getting everything in order and ready!

  • Taped my canvas edges.


  • Sorted my threads and sewed samples into a canvas chart that I cut from the bottom of the piece.

thread chart

  • Put each thread hank into its own numbered zip-lock bag. I cannot stand it when embroidery thread gets tangled together willy-nilly. And I have so much of it – 36 colors – that doing this will be worth every minute I spent.
  • Basted my canvas to the dowels. I used a doubled length of perle cotton and a thin 5″ doll needle.
  • Secured my scissors and needles! Ashley gave me a cute tin for my birthday that has a magnetic base inside. So perfect.

My complete kit!


And the project mounted on the scroll fame. I’m all set and looking forward to all the hours of stitching ahead.


Bye for now – Coco

7 thoughts on “Needlepoint – Alphonse Mucha Night’s Rest

  1. This will be a beautiful project! I am not much into handwork;my mother however was and she did great work. That was quick turnaround from Italy. Look forwarding to seeing the completed project.


  2. Your excitement is palpable and infectious. Love that you put all your threads in bags, it’s the sort of thing I would do, prepping a project is one of my favourite things to do. I have never cross stitched and it’s not something I’m drawn to but I love your design and hope to see it when it’s complete.

    I have the Luna Lapin book and she’s on my sewing list, I am enchanted with her wardrobe. I’ve been combing charity shops looking out for a nice bit of boiled wool or wool to boil, lol.


  3. What a beautiful project. Thank you for showing all the set up. I haven’t done needlepoint in years and learned a lot just seeing how you set this up. Now I want a kit and that and that scroll frame. Sigh.


  4. What a wonderful project to spend time on. That is going to be spectacular. Can’t wait to see it as it progresses.
    Completely understand the organizing everything before starting. I detest willy-nilly and feel so much better about having my ducks in a row…all the time.


  5. Coco, this is beautiful. I have been thinking about handwork a lot lately, and I have been looking at the kits on Etsy. This is a big project that will keep you busy for a long time, and when you get through, you will have a beautiful heirloom. Enjoy every stitch!


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