Two Felix dresses and Sunday musing


I feel very green this morning! I hustled outside to take some pics ahead of our daily rain (and it’s raining now, pouring), and I was amazed by the green cast on all my photos of this dress! BTW, it’s Sunday, so no fancy styling going on here. Except for flip flops, because my patio is a guava-hazard area 🙂

The Grainline Felix dress continues to intrigue and please – I love it!

line art

This one is done in Kaufman Pickle yarn-dyed Essex linen from (here). Essex is 55% linen/45% cotton, so it shrinks and lints a bit. As with all my linens, this yardage was washed/dryed 3 times before I used it. And returned to the laundry again after I finished sewing it. Result – wonderful soft rumply linen. I do not press or iron my linen garments once they go into rotation. To me, they simply say ‘tropics’.


As with all my Felix dresses, this is not lined. Sewing the Felix without lining is easy, and I posted my approach earlier (here), along with notes on my size choice, sewing tips, and adjustments.


I love the front and back seaming detail and all the opportunities for topstitching to define the design.


Unable to resist, I also sewed a version in black Kaufman Brussels Washer linen, again from This blend is 55% linen/45% rayon.



Total this summer: 4 Felix dresses.

Staying with the green theme, I’ve been harvesting strawberry guavas for a couple weeks, and, with a gallon in the freezer, I’m done. Our rainy season this year started 6 weeks earlier than usual, which resulted in incredible fruit on this tree and many others. The palm date spathes all over Weston have been beautiful. I actually had some removed from my Chinese fan palms because they are such prolific germinators.


More from the haphazard section of my garden (that means I need to do some planting):

A volunteer papaya! Thank you, Ms. Squirrel.


The sole marigold survivor from my casual broadcast of two packets of seeds.


Loft construction area, a couple repeats: an Allie Olson Highlands Wrap Dress and a True Bias Yari Jumpsuit! Both in Kaufman linens.

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. Ciao! Coco

16 thoughts on “Two Felix dresses and Sunday musing

  1. These dresses are wonderful. As a Central Floridian, I’m forever on the quest for easy, cool, comfy, pretty things… and haven’t scored any wins. All my choices are still too clingy, ill-fitting, expensive, and so on. You’re inspiring me to dust off my machine!

    Also, love the tour of your charming garden.

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    1. Central Florida! My son is in Orlando, both the childeren are UF graduates, law school. Florida is a wardrobe challenge, but at least you get a little cool weather in fall/winter. Dust off that machine, I hope you find some inspiration in my posts! I’ve been here since 1978… The garden. Everything grows in Florida 🙂


  2. You are really sell that pattern. I have not been too impressed with many of the Felix dresses (except Grainline’s lastest red printed rayon one) so I decided to pass the pattern. Your dresses are changing my mind. The fit your have achieved is summer loose not swallow you up loose and I love it. I just want to throw one on and go enjoy some cocktails by the sea. Thank you so much for all your time and knowledge. It is a good morning when I see a new post from you!

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    1. Thank you so much, Vicki. And I agree with you, I’ve seen so many disappointing renditions of the pattern. But I really like the design, so just re-worked it for me. Love to sew! And another thank you, I love the thought that you enjoy a post. I read a couple bloggers who always make my day 🙂


  3. That green is glorious and I agree with you about caring for linen. It’s a lovely feeling when pattern and fabric are perfectly right together and you seem similar to me in that when I like something, I like a lot of it. Great!

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    1. Thank you, Patricia. I love linen, and I appreciate that, as with knits, the journey can take some thought and maybe some failures! I’ve had my share, but I really love Kaufman linens. Very predictable high quality and a pleasure to sew and wear.


  4. You are incredibly skilled and speedy! I have to bite the bullet and purchase fabric online since my only local source is Joann’s Fabrics…and they have mostly fleece, quilting fabric, and home decorating fabrics…and so I have a very small stash and never have what I need for particular patterns. I’m never sure about the depiction of the color online…and I want to feel the fabric as I’ve made too many costly mistakes choosing the “wrong” fabric for a pattern…not enough body, not enough drape, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your fabric source and how your fabric selection works for the patterns you’re sewing. You’re exceedingly generous with your time as you write a “post-mortem” of your experience with each pattern. Pattern companies should hire you as you’re insight is invaluable!

    Thanks so much for continuing to share and inspire…I’m very grateful!

    Happy making!


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    1. I’m with you, my only local source is JoAnn, and now I seldom go there. The online stores from which I buy are very predictable, friendly, and helpful. I’ve checked colors of fabric against my online samples, and I find mine computer to be spot on. I use a Mac Airbook and an iMac. Back when I had a Windows-based PC, the color was not as true. Other – I do love to sew, I enjoy all my blog friends, and I appreciate reviews and comments by others. Plus sharing is such fun! Glad you enjoy things you find here 🙂


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