Progress on Christmas aprons!

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An apron seems such a simple project – but it’s not when one drafts 7 aprons in 3 sizes!

All fun. I serged the ends of my Marshall Dry Goods Dream Cotton and laundered it last week.

This morning I got serious. I needed to draft appropriate sizes for the family and to decision lining fabrics for the basic apron and the pockets. I used broadcloth to line all the pockets to keep them ‘light’ since my aprons are lined with the main fabric.

Here’s a view of the patterns I’m using. Each also has ties and pockets sized to the apron:

3 patterns

I have to credit several patterns for the result. I have Butterick 4585 (an adult and child apron pattern), but the child version is very small. Fortunately, I found some guidelines to help me out with that grandson-size conundrum.

Line art from Kwik Sew 3247, found by Googling kid’s aprons
Tutorial from (and she has great fabric craft ideas and tutorials…

All day today I’ve been drafting patterns and cutting the fabric. Just the latter really does take a while. Apron, pocket, waist ties, neck tie, D-ring tab.

And, to my dismay, I found that my 1″ D-ring supply is down to one set! I have oodles of 3/4″ rings, but I like the larger ring for the neck ties. So – I hopped on Wawak to order more. BTW, Wawak’s shipping cost is really reasonable, plus these were on sale much below the retail store price. And they’ll be here in 3 days. Can’t beat it. I love Wawak!

While I wait for the hardware and generally get over this apron effort today, I’m planning to sew another French terry StitchSisters kaftan. I’ve worn both of mine in rotation for several days, and I’m hooked.

Happy stuff 🙂 Ciao – Coco

4 thoughts on “Progress on Christmas aprons!

  1. Glad to hear you are having good health at the moment. Long may it continue. I have made pvc aprons for my little grandaughters, and for their Mummy and their dolls and I have had a hint that bigger sizes are needed so I will be following your progress. My biggest grandaughter is almost six and quite petite so I would be interested in the age of your Grandson, for comparison.

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  2. You have been so incredibly productive lately! And I admire all of your makes. You have finally convinced me to look at the kaftan pattern, and I think I am going to go through my stash and use something I’ve got to make one. I love wearing kaftans in all seasons. In fact, I have some lovely velvet that would make a gorgeous one for winter! Keep up the good work, Coco!

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