Monday muslin V8499 pants


Sometimes I just want to take another look at a pattern. I first made the V8499 pants when I was much heavier, and I was trying Lagenlook styles. Thinking about it over the weekend, and having a couple yards of available Brussels washer linen, I decided to try a smaller size. So a Monday muslin 🙂

First version:


Honestly, I don’t care for this style at the moment. But these pants are not wasted – they’ll be reworked as a straight leg pant. I would really like them in a corduroy for our brief winter. And those pockets are simply too good to ignore.

Undeterred, I’m about to cut out a True Bias Yari jumpsuit in Kaufman Essex linen, yard-dyed denim. I’ve enjoyed my espresso version so much.

And that’s Monday! BTW, the pattern has a super fun skirt as well, it would be great with boots and a short chunky sweater or jeans jacket.

line art.jpg

Bye for now! Coco

9 thoughts on “Monday muslin V8499 pants

  1. What perfect timing Coco!
    I’ve just made these same trousers in a rather dense linen and they are huge! I mean really wide and baggy legs.
    The whole lot has been ripped out, including the overlocked seams and ready to be transformed into a skirt – I think…..I do love the pockets though.

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  2. I made that pants pattern several years ago as well — they were almost too roomy, but like you I loved the pockets. We got a much less brief cool/cold weather season here in New England, so I may follow your lead and make up another pair in some of the corduroy in my stash.

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  3. Each time I see a new post from you, Coco, I smile! This pants are a favorite of mine…I even have both size ranges…and have used them! Mt latest pair are in stretch denim and I love how they look on me… from the front anyway! Thank you for your always-wonderful posts.


  4. For some reason, it never occurred to me to make a smaller size. I too just love the pant, just not a good look, too baggie, too drapey. I think I will give that pattern a second look. Thanks


  5. I love your pants. They look wonderfully comfortable, perfect for the hot and humid weather we keep experiencing here in Florida. Plus, you have the perfect figure to wear them!

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