Alder variation and cleaning the loft!


Second post today. I’ve been in house-cleaning mode all day (I should be wearing a Lucille Ball head scarf), and I decided to take a break and get some photos of a blouse that’s been aging in the loft. So I can wear it 🙂

I love the Grainline Alder dress, it has such a nice silhouette, and it’s easy to modify. For this blouse, I decided to create a fold-and-gather detail for the back. Back details on garments intrigue me. IMHO, something should be interesting both coming and going.

Itty bits: I split the back and drafted it to have a fold with gathers in a lower skirt.


The fold is at the height of the bust dart and is 1″ deep. I added a couple inches to the bottom piece for the gathers.


Love this look. Kind of Audrey Hepburn. I think it would be fantastic on a dress version.


I wanted to take pics outside, but the rainy season persists. Wind, rain, but the garden and I are happy.

While doing all the terry cloth project clean-up, I realized I have more things to blog. I have had them hanging in the loft, and they’ve been neglected! Another day…

Bye for now – Coco

11 thoughts on “Alder variation and cleaning the loft!

  1. You are always so clever with your pattern hacks! I agree with Charliesthreads, your blog is inspiring. I don’t know if it will inspire me to clean though, lol!

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  2. I love this version Coco! I just bought the Alder dress pattern and planned to try it in the near future but I think I will try it as a blouse like you did first! I thoroughly enjoy your blog – the details you give on your pattern tweaks are both helpful and inspiring…even the recent clean-up – I need to do that too.
    Cheers from Aiken, South Carolina!

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