McCalls 6559 and back to basics that work


The nice thing about culling my closet of uncomfortable and ‘not loved’ garments is, of course, the opportunity to sew something else!

McCalls 6559 is a favorite, TNT, pattern for me.

M6559 lines

Earlier this year, I extended the shoulders for a bit of coverage and sewed it in an ITY knit:

And it’s the most comfortable and appealing dress I have. (p.s., I’ve made the tied cardigan a couple times, it’s a great pattern for same). I did a separate post on this dress (here),  but here’s a link to the changes I made to the pattern for the extended shoulder.


I’m in the garden today, staying green and enjoying the windy and dry weather.


This moss green ITY is from Fabric Mart, and it’s really a nice deep green, lightened for the photos.

I like this dress so much that I’ve ordered 3 more ITY knits from Fabric Warehouse Direct, all in solids. I think prints exhaust me 🙂 A plus for the purchase (big plus) is the price: $3.99/yard, 58″ wide. I can make this dress with only 2 yards of fabric in the size 10.

Last pic:


Ciao! Coco

11 thoughts on “McCalls 6559 and back to basics that work

  1. Your garden looks lovely, a perfect backdrop for your new dress. I agree that solids are more peaceful than prints, much needed sometimes.


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  2. Smart one you are! A girl has to do what a girl has to do! Comfort is my #1 requirement and my skin gets more sensitive all the time.

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  3. Wonderful, sometimes the simplest patterns punch well above their weight. I prefer solids too, you probably won’t have much fabric spare but wouldn’t it be nice to combine leftovers in one of the other views.

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  4. Love these dresses…both the print and the solid! They’re casual elegance at its best…and versatile enough to go from the beach to a black tie event! You look beautiful in both…congrats on making two great additions to your wardrobe!

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  5. I liked this dress in the print when you made it, but I love it in a solid. This reminds me of an Eileen Fisher dress that I wear all the time. So I am really happy to recognize it and know that I can make my own. You look fabulous in this dress, elegant yet comfortable. I find as I get older that I lean heavily to this type of style. I have found a new appreciation of having a closet full of comfortable clothes that are versatile enough to be dressed up or down. You nailed this, Coco.

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  6. Back to basics is a great look for you.
    I commented on your previous post of biting the bullet and it somehow went into the internet neverland. It was pretty long too, figures. Anyway, it was summed up pretty much with TNT and basics, comfortable, easy to wear is the perfect wardrobe. You can style it up or style it down but you can look great without fuss. Life is about learning and we have all learned at some point that life is too short to be wearing something that we wish we wern’t.

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