Black Sabrina Slims Leggings


More basics…I haven’t made a pair of Love Notions Sabrina Slims for several years. But I have lots of them, mostly in print knits. I have one pair in charcoal grey – but I needed a black pair. I’m in a solid color mood:-)

This is a wonderful pattern. The line art:

Sabrina Slims Line Art

So many options, but I just sew the plain pair. What I absolutely love is the high and wide contour waistband. I cannot stand having to hitch up a pair of leggings!

waist 1

Since it’s been a while since I posted these, a few sewing notes:

  • After my adjustments, my pattern is probably the size 12.
  • I widened the front leg about 3/8″ below my knee on the outside edge to prevent clinging and a forward twist. This works for my calves, but no calves are alike πŸ™‚
  • I added 3″ to the length. This lets me do my hem based on my fabric and how it fits.
  • On all my knit pants, I insert the elastic through an opening in the back waistband seam.

back elastic 2

  • The elastic… I buy 2″ x 12 yard rolls of knit elastic from Wawak. Did you know you can cut/narrow knit elastic, and it won’t ‘run’. Love this stuff, it’s the only elastic I use.
  • Finishing the waistband so it won’t roll… well, this is personal choice. I pull up my elastic about 1/2″ tighter than I need. Then I finish with a line of zig zag stitching, which loosens the elastic a bit. Absolutely no roll ever!

Elastic top stitching


Love these – I’m wearing them with a self-drafted sharkbite hem tunic. Both the leggings and the top are sewn in a terrific Fabric Merchants cotton/lycra jersey (96%/4%) that I found at Β It’s the best jersey I’ve used in ages, very affordable, and much nicer than anything I’ve purchased from Girl Charlee. Yes, that’s a recommendation.

Bye for now! Coco

7 thoughts on “Black Sabrina Slims Leggings

  1. As always, I love tour posts and all the great info you share. I ordered 4 yards of the Fabric Merchants black jersey and expect delivery tomorrow! Thanks for all you share. 😍😍😍


  2. I have this pattern and yet to try. I just completed a long drawn out pant sewing journey, so I am ready to sew something quick and easy. I may try the Sabrina Slims next month and maybe not. Thanks for the recommendation of the fabric as I need some solid colors in my stash.


  3. The pattern line drawing looks great, even better sewn up by you. Also noted a great looking jacket to your left in the photos – looking forward to the post about it. Thanks for the fabric recommendation along with the pattern.


  4. As always, your sewing looks great. Thanks for the fabric recommendation. I looked at them just now, and you are right that they are correctly priced. Looking forward to ordering some. Love the Christmas prints!


  5. Thanks so much for all the superb hints, tips, leads, etc. I’d LOVE to make a pair of these beauties, as I am the Queen of Hike Up My Leggings! Can’t even begin to imagine some that are comfy and well fitting.


  6. Your pants fit so well…and I love pants that I don’t have to hike up all the time as well! Thanks for sharing…and I always appreciate recommendations for fabric purchases as well!


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