Wow – a tale of detergents!


Not my usual post. But I bought Arm and Hammer Sensitive Scent pods on a buy one/get one a few months ago. And I started to notice that my clothing smelled like I had just run a marathon!! It was driving me crazy and into the shower more than once a day. I finally figured out it might be my new detergent.


I’m back to All Free & Clear liquid, not pods, no smell, and I’ll never ever use anything else.


Of course, all my garments went back through the laundry, so compulsive, yes 🙂 Has this ever happened to you?

Ciao! Coco

16 thoughts on “Wow – a tale of detergents!

  1. Though not allergic, I just cannot STAND perfumed detergents. Bleck. (sorry Tide users) I can smell my neighbor’s dryer from afar 😀 While in Asia this summer, I had to ditch an expensive German detergent as Randy’s clothes like a (bad) perfume factory! So I hear ya. We’ve used Kirkland (Costco brand) free and clear liquid for ages and very pleased with it

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  2. I use the same clear liquid. Never tried the pods but thanks for the tip because now I will know better! I also throw in a cup of vinegar when washing towels and hubby’s sweaty stuff to neutralize odors.

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  3. ALL Free and Clear all the way. I have started to use Borax as an extra whitener and sometimes use Free and Clear whiteness booster. Recently, my dear sister in law gifted me a gorgeous pair of lounge pants… that she had kindly pre-washed for me. They are right now in their third wash in ALL trying to get the scent of her detergent out. If they’re not “scentless” when they come out this time, they will go straight into my Donate Box. What a shame

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  4. We don’t have any sensitivities and Im loyal to Tide. I buy a huge container of old school Tide powder from Costco and it lasts for months and months. I like it because it seems to clean really well.

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  5. ALL free and clear is all I use as well. Sensitive skin and so forth. I did step away a few years ago to try something else and had the same ‘funk’ smell occur. OOPS, I did not realize it was compulsive to rewash every item of your clothing. I did it twice, once with a large dose of baking soda and then with All…several loads since we were a family of four at the time.

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  6. I use ALL as well—we’ve all got various and sundry skin sensitivities and my mast cells are always up in arms about something—I can’t bear any artificial scent, and my son even objected to a dishwasher soap that had a scent that put him right off his feed 😉

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  7. I have chemical sensitivities so I only use Norwex detergent, no scent at all and really clean clothes.
    Norwex is only on line mi would give the link but, I don’t know how 😬

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  8. I bought the liquid thinking it was no scent realized afterwards my clothes smelled odd. I’m back to all free & clear too. I like no scent, no dyes. Easy peasy leave it be.


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