Butterick 6251 jacket in marigold


A little play time – I know I get enthusiastic about things I love, but I adore this jacket!

It happened that I had two pieces of marigold cotton sweatshirt fleece from two different vendors. They are identical, which means I probably have a pair of PJ bottoms in my future, using the remnants.

I’ve made this pattern before in red fleece (here), and it’s a favorite.

B6251 line art




My original inspiration was a pic taken by Shams on her trip with the Tilton sisters to Paris. Stunning. I haven’t made it in a long version, but really really like to do it šŸ™‚







Back to my jacket! Great sleek vibe, I love wearing it with the collar turned up.




Sewing notes:

  • Sewed View A, which has an attached collar, and I used the changes I made on my first version.
  • Added 2″ to the length.
  • Dropped the front curved edge about 1 3/4″ and trued it back into the curve of the hem.
  • Added 1 1/2″ to the sleeve length.
  • Made curved bottom pockets. This pic shows the prepped pocket – seam allowances clipped at the curve, basted, and ready to be sewn on the jacket.

basted pocket

  • Topstitching detail on the front. Sweatshirt fleece just invites a bit of art.


  • A tip – clip out the seam allowance at the side hem before turning it. I like to reduce seam bulk at every opportunity!
  • And one more tip. I laundered the fabric twice, and I still had some fleece pills on the inside of the fabric. Nothing a quick de-fuzz couldn’t fix once I was finished sewing:-)

de fuzz

Truth time – this is by far my favorite of my two marigold jackets. I’m thinking navy fleece, perhaps that long version…

Bye for now – Coco

14 thoughts on “Butterick 6251 jacket in marigold

  1. So glad you posted about your lovely jacket! I was very pleased with my shawl collar version (also in cotton fleece) but reluctantly decided the other versions were too similar – until I saw yours. Now I can see how it would work, so thank you for that!
    Love your stylish top stitching, makes it look so smart.

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  2. Hi, I have been reading your blog for awhile and thought it was time to actually say hello. This jacket looks wonderful on you. I have bought a number of patterns after seeing your designs, I may have to buy this one also šŸ™‚ Could you provide information on your fabric. I love the color. Thank you, Jackie

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      1. Thanks for the reply. I went to califabrics.com and they have something called “mustard” is that the same color you used for the fleece, its hard to tell just by looking at pictures. Or if your fabric is “marigold” would you provide me the name of the other vendor you used? Thanks. Jackie

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