Is it Christmas yet? Maxi Alder


The time between Halloween and Christmas is my favorite season. So of course I had to make a fun dress to wear!

Actually I searched everywhere for the fabric equivalent of the ugly Christmas sweater. Maybe I looked too soon, but I found this cute stripe pattern, complete with silver snowflakes, at Walmart.


I just cut the Grainline Alder dress to a maxi length. And added a 1.25″ waistband, with elastic, for my first go at a Christmas dress.



It took about 3 yards, but I bought 4, just enough to make a little something else…

Loving the holidays…Coco

5 thoughts on “Is it Christmas yet? Maxi Alder

  1. Hi, I’m an avid fan, but puzzled: My Alder Grainline is so very different. I know you changed to a V neck and added sleeves, but still….
    Could you possibly have been using a different Grainline pattern?
    It’s an adorable and flattering dress, which is why I’d love to know its “bones”. Thanks for sharing all of your inspiring makes.


  2. So cute! Isn’t it amazing that really cute, good quality fabric can be found at Wal Mart? I have found that their fat quarters are of much better quality than Jo Ann’s.


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