Blackwood Cardigan in Navy Fleece


Time for some Blackwood Cardigan love (pattern here, thank you Helen!).

I’ve made this wonderful pattern in jersey, hacci knit, and, now, polar fleece. Oh boy, it’s so pretty. The pattern:

part 1-side

Mine is the longer version in navy polar fleece from


Sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size Large, as with all my versions. Previous adjustments are detailed in first first version (here).
  • Something different: I modified the pockets to be a little wider, with a cut-on facing, and placed them about 2″ above the hem,and, yes, across the bottom band. This is much lower than the pattern has them. But I love how this looks (as in the pic above).
  • Fleece is usually pretty stable, not stretchy, and this one worked for me. No interfacing needed.

I love to sew fleece, here are some views of finishing details:

finishing 1

finishing 3

finishing 4

And more happiness.




Parting shot: I think I need a new pair of readers for the loft. Wonder Woman has broken her sewing glasses in TWO places…



Ciao! Coco

18 thoughts on “Blackwood Cardigan in Navy Fleece

  1. Beautiful jacket! I’ve been a big fan of your website for quite a while now. I was wondering what kind of paper you use to trace patterns? I have been using Pellon 830 but it’s getting rather expensive since I’ve begun sewing so much now. Thanks!

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  2. Fabulous new version and so cozy. I am giggling at “out of stash” since I was up late last night stuffing fabric back onto shelves…in two rooms!!! If you want some cold grey weather (oh I can’t wait to return to Florida in two months) come on up to Baltimore and shop my stash….please!

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  3. Your blackwood looks soooooo cosy! One question. I have this pattern and have been trying to decide how to handle size relative to shoulder length. Because you are small and made a large did you adjust the shoulder length or just leave it alone? Thanks!

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    1. Hi Pam! My only change was to add 1″ to the length. This is a very narrow cardigan, body and sleeves – I could not have worn the Medium. BTW, I’m 32/28/33, 5’6.5″.


  4. Your top stitching is perfection. And so is the cardigan. Looks great and cozy too. And as for no stash – I don’t think that will ever happen to me!

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  5. Coco, are you finding any pilling on your fleece? I have said this before: you are the most prolific seamstress around. Almost every day a new garment. Your hachi knit is very pretty , will blend with so many solid pants. What is a hachi knit? A certain weave? Keep on sewing!

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    1. Hi Fran. It pills a little bit on the wrong side, but laundering seems to quiet it down. Not anywhere near what you might experience with a minky or faux fur fleece!


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