The stash – where did it go?

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This is one of those horrifying moments! I just haven’t been paying attention…and I’ve sewn myself down to NO fabric other than remnants. Aack!

I’ve been watching the season’s sales, but, now, having just ordered a new book, I want to wait and purchase for the patterns inside.

What a (nice) conundrum 🙂



Also, I know I will get Christmas $, and January will see a huge addition to the stash. Meanwhile, I don’t like this feeling!

Has this ever happened to you? sigh.  Coco


9 thoughts on “The stash – where did it go?

  1. Wow! I would like to do that with all my crafting supplies-I have way to much of everything so that despite all the good sales, I just didn’t buy anything.


  2. Goodness; you obviously choose really well when you buy fabric if you’ve managed to use the lot! I have far too many pieces in my stash that I’ve fallen out of love with.


  3. Might I suggest thrift store shopping for fabric? You can have the fun of shopping with far less expense. You have to put expectations aside and just go with what you find. A lot of my stash comes fro my local thrift stores. I have acquired amazing deals for example silk herringbone tweed, silk noil, linen, selvage denim, indonesian batik and so on.


  4. OH NO! You have been sewing a lot. I still have fabric thankfully, but some of it is of the “why did I buy that ” so just can’t make it very appealing. I just purchased that book also from Amazon and should arrive tomorrow.

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