Burda 09-2016-119 Fleece Wrap Coat


The quintessential grab-and-go wrap coat, this time in navy polar fleece from Fabric.com.  I love their fleece selection, and their quality is so dependable. OK, price point – how about $4.98 for 60″wide fleece…

Back to the coat! It’s from BurdaStyle, 09/2016 # 116. Their sample is in mohair knit, all of mine are not! I’ve made this in espresso sweatshirt fabric (my muslin, but not posted) and black minky plush – great pattern, lots of opportunity for playtime.

BS 09-2016-119

I made this one full length so it will cover any tunics or cardigans I’m wearing. And in these pics I’m wearing sarouel pants, but you’d never know it!



Sewing notes:

  • I sewed size 38. It is very loose and generous in size and coverage.
  • The center back seam is 44.5″ long (my minky one is shorter at 39″).
  • As before, I used front and back neckline facings rather than turn in seam allowances on the edges. I like the weight and structure that the facings bring to the coat.
  • On this version I drafted a ‘smaller’ pocket that is attached on the front only, instead of being across the side seam.
  • I love topstitching fleece!


  • The big sleeve on the original pattern connects to the coat at the waistline. I decided to redraft mine to finish about 3″ above the waist, so that I can use a belt if I like.


arm alteration

And here it is with a belt (no, it’s not a robe, it’s a wrap shawl collar coat) !

belt front

belt side

belt back

This is still in the loft, because I’m thinking about adding buttons…why not!buttonsIn parting – my dryer quit, and I’m waiting for my new one. I find that draping laundered yardage to dry across my car in the garage works pretty well 🙂73ec52694163349c775ecc1094587a64Ciao! Coco


6 thoughts on “Burda 09-2016-119 Fleece Wrap Coat

  1. You look so comfy and cozy – any wine at all as long as it’s red (Shiraz is best).
    Much cheaper to drape your washed fabric over the car…..same result.
    You should get pulley lines in your garage then you won’t need a dryer at all…I don’t have a dryer but I do have indoor pulley lines and an outdoor clothesline, the fabric dries naturally without heat.


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    1. Ah, Shiraz…it’s curious, the longer I go without a dryer the more I like it. The one I ordered had to go back, wrong size, and I haven’t ordered another. Will go look at pulley lines, thks!


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