New year, new gadgets!

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I’ve resisted technology upgrades for ages. Perhaps because my degree is in computer sciences, and I spent 30 years managing technology projects. At home, I’ve looked for simplicity, always have. Of course I have many (4 or 5) current computers, but I’ve held out on two fronts. I’ve been using an old-fashioned flip-phone for almost 10 years!


But the charging port finally gave in and broke.

So I’m getting a new iPhone 8Plus.

And while I do have Directv, there are so many other things to enjoy with a streaming device. So I’ve ordered a Roku with composite cables (yes, my TV is a bit old, upgrade maybe next year).



None of this would have been possible without the encouragement and considerable support of my wonderful son, daughter, and son-in-law. They have been after me for ages to do this. Thank you, guys!

I might be absent for a few days while I submerge myself in all this new stuff!!

Bye for now – Coco


7 thoughts on “New year, new gadgets!

  1. As a marketing director I went through the whole transition from manual paste up to digital campaigns. What a technical ride! Now that I’ve retired life is so sweet! My sewing machines and iPad are my BFFs and the computer gathers dust.


  2. I think flip phones were more durable than some of the new phones; though I did keep up with technology. I have iPhone 8plus also and love it. We have a new TV with internet, we can watch Amazon Prime, YouTube and etc. with it. I still need to understand Roku and/or Sling as I think I could do away with Direct TV, just need to go to Best Buy and talk to a 20 year who can explain to me.
    Happy New Year, enjoy your new gadgets!

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    1. Happy new year! My Roku is working great (I’m assuming you have a smart tv with built in Roku). I looked at YouTube, etc., as replacement for my directv. But after all the subscription costs, I really don’t save anything (I get $20 each month plus free HBO, because my DD, DSL, and I share an ATT phone account. On the phone side, we have a lower fee and unlimited data). On Roku I get all kinds of free programs, including live streaming news channels. Pretty neat.


  3. Happy New Year Coco.

    I bit the bullet last year and bought the same phone you’re getting, I’m happy with it although I suspect I don’t use half of what it’s capable of, like buying a Rolls instead of a serviceable Mini, but it makes me happy so why not? Enjoy the process and er, If you would consider giving little updates I’d appreciate that, I might learn more about my phone 😆

    Loved your sunny Blackwood btw, I meant to comment but never got back to it, its very similar to a Jalie pattern I have it made me think that I should make that again.


  4. OmGosh! You sound like me. I broke down a year ago this month and got a smart phone finally (cause my kids kept bugging me) after 15 wonderful years with my flip phone that worked just fine. They wanted to be able to text me and not have to call me for the simple things….not that they did not want to have to talk to me, they just wanted the quick and clean one liners type of thing. We have since gotten rid of our house land line and exclusively use our cell phones now.

    And we got rid of cable since our bill was over $200 a month and we felt like there was nothing to watch half the time. We got Roku and use our daughters Netflix acct and we have Amazon Prime and we couldn’t be more pleased.

    Modern technology is great! And I never thought I would hear myself say that.

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