Installing Ring doorbell and other stuff!

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 5.24.50 pm


Big project! My kids gifted me this year with an IPhone 8 Plus and a Ring Doorbell. So much to learn!

I’ve been working on my doorbell installation for about a week. The physical ‘how to’ install.



I want my new doorbell to be in the same location as my old one. It’s centered under my porch light and is perfect for motion detection and so on.

The journey:

  • I explored mounting the phone bracket directly to the wall. However – it is more slim than the mounting gang for my doorbell, AND, my wall is metal. Ring doesn’t come with hardware for a mount to metal, and I’m not comfortable with drilling holes through the wall.

Off to Home Depot today, after a bunch of research on installation options for the Ring.

I decided to put a blank faceplate over my doorbell ‘hole’ and mount the bracket to the faceplate with tape. I watched a couple videos and read forums on the type of tape to use. What I chose:

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 5.02.36 pm

And I found a faceplate to match the Ring. I found a ‘larger’ nylon faceplate in Home Depot that is the same length as the Ring. Below, my old doorbell plate and the new face plate I found ( ignore the dots, I didn’t use them for anything other than mounting references).

faceplate choices

  • So – a pic of the bracket taped to the new faceplate. This tape is strong! and even a touch secures it. I’m glad I had my readers on!


And the Ring mounted. Whew…I tested the motion detection and doorbell function, everything works!


front porch

It’s impossible to leave Home Depot with just tape and a faceplate. Other stuff without which I cannot be happy πŸ™‚

Cherry tomato plant,


A new Silver Bullet 50″ garden hose (it’s flexible and wonderful to use, so lightweight),

hose on wall

And neat led bulbs on carabiners, great for hurricane season:

home depot bulbs

I hung one in my pantry as an example, but I really plan to save these for power outages during our Florida storms.


Bonus material – the gentleman at the checkout told me he loves my shoes. Be still my beating heart…


The woman is worn out from a full day of fun and so on. I’m retreating to the Loft!!

Ciao – Coco

9 thoughts on “Installing Ring doorbell and other stuff!

  1. I’m so jealous, A Tomato Plant in January! We are blanketed in snow and it is -13C which I think is about 9 degrees F. Congrats on the Ring Doorbell. looks great. I too am heading to my sewing “loft” , only go down into the basement. 😊

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  2. I am very impressed with your Ring mounting skills. I have to admit I do better at some of these things than DH simply because I can follow instructions pretty good. But honestly, not sure I would have been able to to mount the Ring! I have to say I love the small led lights; I could use them in my pantry and should we have another hurricane this year they would be nice for some lighting if power goes out.

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  3. So you are the Tim Gunn of the Ring….you made it work! Good for you. And I agree, you can NOT go to Home Depot and leave with just what you went for. Those hanging LED bulbs are pretty cool and that tomato plant looks so healthy. Are you container growing or putting it in ground? It’s a little too soon to be thinking plants in my area still. Hubby did separate and replant 91 daffodil bulbs a couple of days ago tho. Don’t know if they will take since they were already sprouted and out of the ground about 4 – 5″.

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    1. Well, it’s always almost summer down here, and there are lots of early plantings available. I plan to put this in a largish pot and put it on the back patio. A drawback of property in Weston, or any large development down this way, is that it has little topsoil and is built on developer fill, mostly limestone. I augmented my soil about 8 years ago with a truckload, but won’t do it again. My garden is all indigenous plants that grow well here. That said, a pot will do! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚


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