Time out for a cold!

pillow Awful, right?

Finally after 8 days, I feel like I am emerging from this nastiness. Just enough to get going on a project that has been haunting me for a while.

I have 276 patterns! and only care about a fraction of them. They’re overflowing my  storage space and making me uncomfortable. Why do we hang on to things for so long?

I have my entire pattern inventory on Evernote, so today I went through it. I moved 172 patterns to a ‘Trashed’ folder, 2 to a ‘re-order’ folder, and left the balance.

Why trashed? style, size, indifference. Reorder? only two, loved, but the pattern is too big, and I don’t feel like re-drafting it. The rest,  much loved and not going anywhere.

I printed the list of my ‘trashed’ patterns, and tomorrow I will followup with a real clean-up in the loft. Meanwhile, it’s just me and the Kleenex, baby…

Hope no one else has a cold!! Coco

9 thoughts on “Time out for a cold!

  1. I hope you are feeling better today! As to the pattern stash issue, I love the hope and expectations inherent in a pattern purchase. I’m smarter than that, and try to keep my pattern stash at 150, including PDFs. I have a goal to get to 100 this year. That’s possible, isn’t it?


  2. Oh, my goodness. Your post prompted me to actually count my patterns, and I came up with 293. That is just crazy. I did a major fabric reorganization this past month, but had avoided reviewing patterns. Now it is time to do something. Too many does stifle creativity, and takes up too much storage space…

    Take care of yourself!


  3. Good morning, Coco! As I headed up to bed last night, I stopped in my tracks and said (out loud) “coco hasn’t posted in a while. I hope she is ok.” And here you are, hopefully continuing to feel better. It seems a lot of us are in purge mode this January. I but far more patterns than I will ever use and have twic now found a pattern vendor on line who would take un-cut patterns off my hands. Still have too many 😉.

    Am looking forward to your next post as always.


  4. So sorry to hear about the cold and glad it is on it’s way out. I too decluttered more than 100 patterns recently. Still sitting here in a box waiting for a friend that is just learning to sew (lives out of town) to visit and take them home with her. I decluttered lots of yardage of no longer loved stash previously and it filled up her trunk last visit.

    We figured there is nothing better than free to learn and practice on. Still have lots of decluttering to do.

    AAhhhhh……feels good!


  5. It’s a nasty day in Florida, especially if you are not feeling well! Have you ever tried organic elderberry syrup to treat your cold? Hope you are at 100% soon!

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  6. We’re kinda like twins at this point. I’m going through patterns and don’t know what to do with them except donate them. I’m over my head cold that started with a sore throat at midnight, Jan. 2nd!!! It dragged on for the longest time, too. Glad we are BOTH doing better now. I have to get rid of things because I’ll be moving across town in April and am downsizing like crazy. Will be so happy to make this move, yet I’ll miss this neighborhood and the space I currently have. Can you believe January is almost gone?!!! Looking forward to what you make in February!


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