Making headway…

wonderwoman_620_090712 It happens that I just love this Wonder Woman pic! I should print and hang it in the Loft.

I’m almost feeling so spirited as well.

I checked in with my chronic care manager today, and I see my doctor tomorrow. I’ve been reassured that this season’s cold bug is nasty and lingering…

However. I think nothing gets one going so much as a little stretch. To wit, today I went to Home Depot, bought and planted a couple basket pothos replacements for the porch. My patio and porch are a mess, since I’m also in the midst of fertilizing and soil-topping my porch plants.  Yes, I collapsed afterward, and my mess is still out there.

Usually such a disorder outside would really bug me. But now I don’t care! It’s totally an inspiration to get up to speed.

The weekend should be awesome.

For now – Coco

4 thoughts on “Making headway…

  1. Oh, I hope this truly means you have “turned the corner” and are headed back to business as usual. Best wishes from snowy upstate New York… as I like to say… waaay up State! It is extremely pretty out there and bitterly cold.

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  2. No worries, your dirt (literally)will still be there tomorrow and the next day……Take care today so that you CAN get back to it. I have too often tried to push through some virus bug and ended up taking longer to recover. Not worth it! Take care of yourself.

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