Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit!

number 1

I am totally in love with this pattern!!

It’s the recently released Zadie Jumpsuit, and it’s wonderful. Check this out – no zippers or buttons. Umm. No struggling to drop trou trousers 🙂

line art

I cannot say how much I like this, and how much I enjoyed sewing it. Tara’s drafting and instructions are impeccable.

Fabric: Rusty Red/Plum/Cerulean/Multi Linen/Cotton Dotted Leaves, Fabric Mart

Rave on…but sewing notes:

  • I sewed the size 8 (I’m 33.5 – 29 – 38, and 5′ 6.5″). I made no changes to the length of the bodice or pants.
  • I used 3 yards of 58″ wide fabric, with a 12″ vertical repeat. This fabric did shrink a little bit with my pre-laundering.
  • I drafted my tissue with a 1/2″ seam allowance everywhere. I’m just wary of sewing woven fabric with the included 1 cm allowance.
  • I was a little concerned about the binding on the neckline and pant crossover, and I noticed that the two examples (one gold, one blue) on the pattern site had different treatments. I asked Tara if the blue version was faced, instead of bound. She said ‘yes’, because the blue denim was just too bulky for binding. In the end, I did bind my edges, and also my sleeves (to match and because it’s a nice finish). BTW, I think drafting the facings would be fairly straightforward, but the pattern doesn’t include the option.
  • A tip on binding that beautiful curve from the bodice into the pant crossover. Take the time to do it right 🙂 and you’ll have a nice result. Stretch the binding in the convex curve, clip out the seam allowance, turn, fold, and voila.


More pics.

It’s so easy to get in and out of this jumpsuit. Miss Modesty here.


I want about 5 more of these – I think the Zadie will be my spring and summer staple, to include a couple short ones. I tucked up one leg and tried to give an idea of how very cute the pattern would be in a shorter length.

short 1

short 2

Last note: Tara suggests this for advanced beginners. IMHO, it would be a good stretch pattern at that level.

Love love love it, looking for more fabric, of course. Ciao! Coco

15 thoughts on “Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit!

  1. Hi! You said you made no changes to the length of the bodice. Did you make any other adjustments to it? We have similar measurements and I was wondering if the top was going to be too generous for me as I believe it was originally modeled on their site on someone with a D cup. Thanks! I love how yours turned out!


  2. I love this make – I swore I wouldn’t buy another jump suit pattern, but this make is so gorgeous, I’m tempted…fabulous look on you.

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  3. Really like this one–how easy to wear. Want one in terry cloth for late night TV/lounging/reading. Would definitely make for fall/winter time, too, with long sleeves. THANKS for letting us know about this little jewel!

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    1. so welcome, Margene, and thank you! it’s really comfortable, I’ve napped in mine, so your version should be great. Terry, or double brushed poly – that cozy factor 🙂


  4. Thank you for this! I was looking for a wrap jumpsuit (planned shoulder surgery so back zippers are impossible right now), and this will be perfect.

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