Nautical Blackwood Cardigan


Such a great print! And perfect for a long Blackwood Cardigan.


After three weeks of workmen in the house, finally they’re done. I slept for 11 hours last night, with not a thing on my mind.


This super soft poly/lycra French terry is from Fabric Mart (and just sold out, they’re having a huge sale on knits). This is my second garment in poly/lycra French terry, and I am so impressed with it. Much nicer than cotton or rayon terry.

Just a few sewing notes:

  • I’ve made this wonderful cardigan about 8 times, both short and long. Yes, I love it. Thank you again, Helen!
  • I sew the Size Large (and I’m pretty small, it’s close-fitting).
  • As with my navy fleece version (here), I made a larger pocket and extended it onto the band and across the side seam.
Top: True Bias Nikko in modal stretch jersey, Cali Fabrics

I just took a walk in the garden, it’s such a lovely day. It’s spring and everything is blooming.

My husky cherry tomato is suddenly over 6″ tall and full of bloom and babies.


The orange jasmine trees (murraya paniculata) have been covered with flowers and even have some fruit. I had them trimmed about 6 weeks ago – they love a haircut. They’re not citrus, but, as with a citrus tree, trimming them stimulates flowering. And although they’re often mistaken for the mock orange (Philadelphus coronarius) that grows so rampantly in Hawaii, they’re not even cousins. I think the association arises from the orange-blossom fragrance that they share.

mock orange

And Ms. Guava is loaded with buds and starting to bloom.


I hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. Ciao! Coco

4 thoughts on “Nautical Blackwood Cardigan

  1. I love the nautical theme for this version. You mentioned you made the top from modal stretch jersey. I have yet to try this fabric. What do you like about and any dislikes? Your yard is beautiful!

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  2. Coco, once again you nailed it, that print is great and looks fabulous on you! I always look forward to your posts, you are so very creative and beautiful it makes my day! And your beautiful garden makes me long for more green here. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life and work with us.

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  3. Love it. Like what you did with the pocket. Once I move and get settled, I have so much fabric that something will be made up in this cardigan. Thanks for the inspiration.

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