Sewing is hazardous!



I just managed to burn my thumb with my iron. Which got me to thinking about all the injuries incurred (or lurking) in a sewing room!


My short list:

  • Walking pins and needles into my feet (my sewing space is carpeted).
  • Having the iron sputter hot water and steam onto my hand (my fault, I lifted it before it was to temperature).
  • Sewing through my nail bed, twice! Very painful.
  • Scratching myself while pulling on a fitting garment with the pins on the inside. Duh.
  • Cutting into the web between my thumb and forefinger while trimming a seam.
  • Starting to sew with my finger under the side of the presser foot. Ouch. That thing came down like a hammer.

croc sewing machine

And you?! Coco

8 thoughts on “Sewing is hazardous!

  1. Ugh, my sewing room is carpeted too! Those pins that hide in the carpet that manage to stand upright and stab my feet! Me too…me too….getting burned by the iron and particularly by me not waiting and that hot water spurting out to burn me there. I once wondered why there would be a finger guard for the sewing machine. That is for people like me who get hammered by putting their fingers too close to the foot. LOL


  2. Oy vey! The hardest part was reversing the needle back out of my finger tip & nail. Alone. By myself.


  3. Count me as accident prone in the sewing room. My biggest thing is learning to take breaks to stretch especially when cutting out a project, especially when a project won’t fit on the cutting table. Oh, and be kind to your knees as well.

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  4. All of the above! But, more of interest to me is teaching others to avoid the agony. Then again, we learn from our mistakes. I do teach a lot of very enthusiastic children. They are the ones that I worry most about. I don’t like seeing or hearing about their lessons learned.

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  5. I have done all of the above with the exception of sewing my nail bed, but I am a walking accident looking for a place to happen. I incur most injuries of this sort while grooming my dogs. I don’t cut them, but I always manage to cut myself!

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    1. Earlier this week I managed to get the top of my index finger wedged between the throat plate and needle tip where the only way out was up, ouch ouch ouch!


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