Almost there…the move

front porch

Ah – major painting and clearing out was finished last Saturday. Even my garage is beautiful 🙂

Getting ready to sell the house entailed quite a bit of de-personalization. Family photos, small treasures, lots of paintings and artwork, all put away for packing. I even took the funky piggy bank off the piano, and I put all my jewelry in the safe.

collage 5 and 6

Mar 14 - 1


I also managed to break a toe on a displaced bed frame (raise your hand if you’ve done this).

This photo led to my getting a pedicure, I’m back to red toenails! It’s easy to overlook the beauty stuff when the house is upside-down.

The sewing loft feels weird! Almost empty, white walls, so clean!


It’s a good thing I make my own clothes and have lots! I couldn’t get to my washer and dryer for over a week.

Day 1 and 2 - IMG_1907


  • Repainted 3 bedrooms and bathroom ceilings.
  • Installed new lithium battery smoke alarms, bathroom fan grilles, and 9 LED integrated high-hat lights.
  • Pressure cleaned and resurfaced the patio, walkway, and garage floor.
  • Pressure cleaned the hardscape in the yard: the back patio and walkways, and the front garden landscaping stones.
  • Installed a new microwave over the range.
  • Had the patio sliding glass doors and tracks tuned up with new rollers and weather stripping – now they glide open with a finger touch.
  • Resurfaced the driveway.
  • Big expense: replaced the electrical circuit breaker box, had all the electrical stuff checked out, and installed a couple new GFCI outlets.
  • Installed new planting along the front walkway (which meant removing 6 palms, it took chains and a winch to get them out).
  • Shampooed all the carpets!
  • Cleaned my mailbox. It’s almost new, and the birds love to sit on it, with predictable consequences.

It sounds like I was living in a run-down shed. But no. All of this is to add that extra zing and brightness that will appeal to a new owner.

Next? Listing the house. I’ve been working with realtors here and in Orlando. The three weeks from the netherworld are over and behind me, I can hardly believe I did it. For now, recuperation!


Bye for now – Coco

9 thoughts on “Almost there…the move

  1. Coco–I live in the Orlando area. You might like Winter Park, College Park, or Thornton Park. Just a thought because you’re looking. Good luck!

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  2. I am flabbergasted at what you (and your crew) accomplished in only three weeks. The house looks to be perfectly staged. It will sell very quickly, I am sure.


  3. I do NOT envy what you are going through. The toe pain or the move prep. Yikes! However, it is exciting to think of the new life being closer to family and adventures that are ahead of you.
    I have lived in my house for 33 years (with all the stuffed nooks and crannies that go with that) and become terrified at the thought of moving. At the same time, I would love something different. Go figure!


  4. Oh! That toe looks painful. I have done something similar and don’t want to go through it again.I think you will find a buyer soon!

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