Paper Theory Zadie Jumpsuit therapy…


This week I’ve been so taken up with meetings with my realtor, and today, photographers, for my house listing. Somehow I’ve managed to keeping sewing and playing with patterns.

I’m so in love with this pattern from Paper Theory:

line art

I’ve already worn my first version (here) so many times, it’s such an easy garment to wear. Throw it on and it works. This second version is (again) in a cotton/linen woven from Fabric Mart. The weight and hand are perfect for a jumpsuit. And it’s a pleasure to sew this fabric.

Pics follow, and they speak for themselves. Sewing notes – check out my first version, this one is the same. Except: After my post on the first version, I took up the hemline by 1.5″. I like the somewhat shorter length.



It’s so weird to take photos in the loft without all my usual things in place. It feels almost sterile! but I’ll admit it a lot easier to photograph against a white background rather then the Hot Moon paint of days past. My closets are crammed with pics and artwork that were removed for the staging and so on. But they’ll be back eventually.


IMHO a print fabric really works with this pattern. Just for fun (you know what that means), I’m cutting out another one in a larger print. I’m really not inclined to do it in a solid color. But…if I were to do it in a solid, it would be Kaufman Essex linen, not anything drapey or loose, such as silk, crepe, or satin (some of the suggested fabrics). Maybe a jacquard chambray. It needs some weight and structure in the fabric.


I look fairly put together, right? My house listing will be online on Friday, I’m kind of (very) excited about that.

Parting note: In the middle of all this, I’m being treated for a shortened/thickened sacrotuberous ligament in my left hip saddle. So painful, and my left leg is/was about 1/2″ shorter than my right leg. I’ve been limping, and my right knee was taking a beating. I’m having physical therapy twice a week now and doing my exercises every day. Cause? who knows…osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, scleroderma, age, a combination. My mom had this at about my age and did not seek any help at all. Eventually her spine collapsed in a J on her left hip, and she ended up 4″ shorter, with titanium rods in her spine and a short left leg that could not be fixed. I mention this because perhaps it will help someone else to make the decision to address a similar health issue. We need to help ourselves.

Bye for now – Coco

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  1. Love both of your jumpsuits and the fabric is perfect, as is your house. I love all the photos you have posted over a long time and I think you will have no trouble selling it quickly. I don’t even think you needed to remove all the pictures and personal stuff as they are so lovely. I do know that is the way things are done in the US and that some people actually move out whilst selling so it becomes a show home.

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  2. This version is lovely as well. I actually almost purchased that fabric. It looks great as a jumpsuit.
    It is important to take care of physical issues because it changes your walking, etc and basically throws everything off balance. I have been dealing with hip bursitis for a couple of years now and have gone to PT. That has made a difference. Most of my pain has gone away and it does require doing prescribed exercises between visits. Hope your house sells quickly!

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  3. I echo ebmozo and have often meant to respond to your posts before. I admire your attitude to sharing information even when you have got so much going on, but
    Last wore and loved jumpsuits in the 80’s. The trick is to go right to the front of the cubicle, drop top off and pull forward through legs, keep firm hold then hover – much easier than it sounds!
    I am inspired to make a new version for this summer.
    Ps. Love the pedicure. Great for morale 🙂

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  4. Just curious about jumpsuits, actually — this version looks great on you and probably works well in the Florida heat and humidity. But don’t you have to take the top off to go to the bathroom? Occasionally we all have to suffer the indignity of a pitstop at Walmart or Target or someplace — I haven’t worn a jumpsuit since the 1980s, when a couple of strapless numbers come to mind, and even then (in my younger days) it was a matter of taking it ALL off. Why are jumpsuits so trendy again?

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    1. Well, jumpsuits are fun to wear. As to this one – it’s extremely easy to manage in those moments. No buttons or zipper. Untie and drop. Another favorite of mine is the Yari jumpsuit, which is buttoned, not zipped, all the way to above the crotch. Equally easy to manage. Frankly, these are easier than jeans!!


  5. Hi Coco! You are an inspiration to me. I’m 55 now and would like to be as independent and active as you when I get to your age. For now, I’m still working and I sew when I have the time. I always wonder how it would feel when I’m retired and alone — the “later” that we all think about. Reading about your life and activities makes me hopeful. Keep it up and God bless you always!

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    1. I bought the pattern after seeing yours, I have a mid weight linen washed and ready to go, floral is never my first choice but yours is lovely and tbf I’m tempted.

      Re health, stoics can be their own worst enemy sometimes, I’m glad you’re getting checked out and wish you well.

      I must say, you’re very calm in the midst of moving and shaking and still managing to sew. What a gal!

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