About that decision to move house…



Small post. I thought to move to be closer to family. But nothing in the last 20 years prepared me for the stress, anxiety, and angst of making the move.

I’ve been sleepless, missing my home even while still being here, missing my ‘objets d’art’, concerned about the transition to new healthcare environment (I am so happy with Cleveland Clinic here in Weston), and generally not totally happy with the decision to make a change.

Well – It’s in my hands after all, and I’ve decided to stay where I am. Yes, it has cost me a bit, but much of that has been toward updates I needed and have tended to delay. It certainly gave me pause – I’m just not the spontaneous woman of years gone by. Β A lesson here.

End of story – I need to get some of my beloved artwork back up on the walls, and I totally plan to get a new sofa!!!



Bye for now – Coco

20 thoughts on “About that decision to move house…

  1. I think you understood your personal needs and the decision to not move was right for you. As you posted you needed to make some updates anyway, so now your former home is a ” new ” home with those changes. Enjoy resetting your home.


  2. Moving residence is hard even under the best of circumstances….. so can totally understand your change of heart. The essence of ‘you’ is in the “Loft”…. and I look forward to reading more about the beautiful creative garments you make. Enjoy your ‘new’ place!!!!!


  3. It takes courage to change that decision to move. I admire you for it (and I love your blog – have followed you for a long time and find so much inspiration in your sewing, and in what you share of your life.)


  4. I don’t blame you. I am in a similar position. I would like to be closer to the grandkids but the thought of moving from a home I’ve lived in for 30 years is daunting. Plus making new friends, etc at this age isn’t easy. Enjoy your new sofa and getting your old home new again!


  5. Have a Great time to decorate your new/old Home! Sometimes it is better to stay where your heart is! I found your blog recently while searching vor inspirations vor the Zadie overall, and really enjoy all the wonderfull things you sew! Best regards from Germany, I am looking forward to see more from you!

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  6. I know that anxiety and endless back and forth in my head so congrats on your resolve and decision. Two summers ago I said we have two years to decide to decide…and then just shut up thinking and talking about it. We still might move to a different house but it will be locally because our connections here are too important. So no more talking, thinking, over-thinking and ruminating about another part of the country and more thinking and over-thinking about what fabric with what pattern.

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  7. I am so happy for you! Our gut will let us know for sure.
    My son and daughter-in-law wanted me to have a small cabin built on their lake front property. I thought that was a great idea and was ready to do it. After the excitement of this decision dyed down
    my gut started talking to me and I had sleepless nights and as you did I realized how much I love my home and surroundings. Once I decided to stay where I am I started sleeping again.
    Our gut never lets us down.

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  8. You can always visit family more often. Maybe one of these days, Florida will have Hi-speed Rail!
    I also had pangs about your loss of all your established relationships at the clinic. Starting over is real work – but truly not impossible. Selfishly, I was Happy you’d be closer to Tampa, and was hoping we would meet in person! Please let me know when you are up in the center of the state and I will come meet you for lunch. Andrea xo

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  9. Glad you’ve come to this point and you don’t have to go any further until the time is right and now isn’t that time. Now is the time to relax, get some good sleep, breathe and enjoy the updates you’ve just made. OH, and HAPPY SEWING IN YOUR LOFT!

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  10. here’s to restful sleeping and bringing your lovely belongings back into your “refreshed” spaces. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  11. You must do what makes you happy, so I am glad you figured out what that was. Now you have a clean slate to move forward, and hopefully many less household issues in the future. Enjoy your updates!

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  12. This must have been such a hard decision for you to make. Both going and staying. How nice is it that you’ve made your upgrades and sorted out and can have a fresh start where you are comfortable. Best wishes to you while settling back in.

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  13. Trust your gut, it will not mislead you. My mom just moved back from Tampa to be closer to my brother and I, she was completely ready for the move as she’s almost 80. Moving is stressful! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely sewing.

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