Burnside Bibs to paper-bag pants

I loved my Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs when I made them (here), but subsequently found I wasn’t wearing them. In fact, I only wore them once – mostly because the straps/belt were so fiddly and not particularly comfortable.

The pants portion, however, is terrific – great big pockets and a baggy silhouette. Really cute. So I decided to do an experiment, i.e., the paper-bag-waist-pants conversion..

Sewing notes – 4 easy steps:

  • Removed the bib 3/8″ above the waistband.
  • Opened the top of the back waistband.
  • Turned in the edges, front and back, and topstitched them to close.
  • The last step was to stitch across the back to form a casing. The stitching is in line with the front waistband – together they form a casing for elastic.

Since I had those nice long drawstrings, I put the narrow sections together for an additional option!

I like these pants so much that I’m planning another pair, maybe not paper-bag, but with a wide waistband.

Bye for now! Coco

17 thoughts on “Burnside Bibs to paper-bag pants

  1. Hi Coco! I love your blog. I had the same feeling about the Burnside Bibs as you. They are super cute but I found the straps too fiddly for regular wear. I want to try your hack and make paperbag waist pants, but I was a little confused about how you created the casing and finished the top edge of the waistband. And I’m wondering, did you make the option with the zipper? I did, and I’m trying to figure out how to work that into my hack.


  2. I just found your blog last night after wading through acres of new, used and vintage patterns looking for styles to love. I am delighted with your work, also with your commentary on being proactive about aging. I read last night that several of the meds they have given me to combat migraine may cause dementia so I am about to embark on a diet similar to yours and wean myself from those meds. I too love pizza and used to love to bake bread. A huge part of life is accepting change. I am so happy to have added you to my new joys.

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  3. Such a brilliant save!

    I admit…I’ve had this pattern for a very long time…the reviews are always so positive…but I keep thinking that the ties will drive me crazy. You’re the first that has shared that they didn’t really work well for you.

    And I want to add that I really do love Sew House Seven and the thoughtfulness and creativity of her designs! I just think that maybe the Bibs might not be for me either.

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  4. I think that you’ve created a new style – the Paperbag Palazzo Pant…and I love it! Very Coco!


  5. I really like this conversion and I think it is a great improvement. Lovely work as usual. What pattern did you use for the top, it looks so good?

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  6. It’s great that you could identify what kept you from wearing the first outfit and figuring out what would make it more usable. I like the conversion – from quirky to sophisticated. So very elegant!

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  7. You are brilliant…I love these! They look very comfy and look great! I agree with the straps on the bibs – they would drive me crazy! Nice job!

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