More paper bag pants and exploring the closet…

As promised, another pair of paper-bag waist pants using the Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs pattern (original post here)

I love this Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed fabric in peacock. It’s a combo of navy and turquoise threads. Plus, I just love Essex linen for britches. My pics are lightened, so here’s the real thing:

I sewed this pretty much as I sewed as the grey pair, just changing the pattern to have a waistband, front and back, and keeping the wide waste-paper bag look.

Sewing tips: I’m a fanatic for belt loops that actually support a belt.

Front – I add a belt loop a couple inches out from the CF to support the belt buckle.

Blouse: Named Clothing Saraste shirt

And, back -hello Burberry – I use 2 belt loops at the CB to prevent weighty drag.

I really like these, and wore them today to miscellaneous appointments. Feeling groovy, a little boho.

I have to say that I do not like the encumbrances of the new WordPress editor. I click, click, and click.

Moving on, I went through my belt hanger today and have lots of hardware to salvage!

Ciao! Coco

11 thoughts on “More paper bag pants and exploring the closet…

  1. Second pair…it’s nice to see your tweaked Burnside no-longer Bibs are working for you.

    I started sewing two belt loops at the center back of my britches in order to sew through less thicknesses of fabric. Bonus…they support the belt much better!

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  2. You look great in these cozy, casual looking pants! Thanks for the trick about the double belt loops – I always learn so much from you! I think I finally know the difference between Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen and Brussels Washer linen. Based on what you used for these pants, I’m assuming the Essex has a little more weight and body than the Brussels, I just purchased some linen from JoAnn’s (the only fabric store in my area) but I’m going to return it and purchase Kaufman based on your love for it! Thanks once again for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! Difference – Essex is a linen/cotton blend, Brussels is rayon/linen. I no longer sew Brussels because of the little slubs that irritate my shoulders and neck. Essex is wonderful! for pants, shorts, jackets, pinafores 🙂


  3. Gorgeous!!! What on earth do you do with all the gorgeous pieces you’ve made over the years Do you get around to wearing them all or do you have a regular clean out! You have a great sense of style and know what styles suit you – what are your favourites? ☺


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