The not-so-timid mover…

Yes, I took my house off the market in May, but after a few weeks of reflection, I listed it again 6 weeks ago. And it’s sold!

I’ll be moving to Orlando the end of August, and my predominant feelings are great calm and grateful peace. I really do want to be nearer to my family.

I thought I’d share a few pics of my favorite places in this lovely house in which I’ve lived for twenty years.

Of course, all this quiet space will be upside down in the next few weeks. I have wonderful movers, All My Sons, who also move the Miami Dolphins, Univ. Florida Gators, and the Univ. Miami Hurricanes. My kids are Gators (law school and undergrad), and given my investment, so am I. And a little aside, I have my paralegal certification from the University of Miami School of Continuing Education and International Studies. In the financial downturn of 2008, I just thought I needed a backup 🙂

Feeling blessed – Coco

19 thoughts on “The not-so-timid mover…

  1. Happy for you Coco, sounds like a good decision!

    I’m an avid reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing your sewing knowledge and creations, so inspirational!

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  2. I am sure your move closer to the family will be good for you and them. I enjoyed the lovely photos of your beautiful home. I am sure the new owners will love it too!

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  3. Your home is lovely but I’m sure you will make any place you live beautiful as well.

    I am actually relieved you decided to move closer to family. As I get older, I am so glad my family is nearby as I will inevitably need help. It will be easier for them as well as for you to cope with whatever time brings.

    I look forward to seeing where your new adventure takes you!

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  4. Hip Hip HOORAY FOR YOU! I’m happy for you and wish you well. You have a lovely home and you will miss it, and yet have fond memories. You will make your new place yours in no time. Best Wishes.

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  5. I live in South Africa and always enjoy your blog and feel as if I know you! It will be super for you to be closer to your children and I’m sure they are both pleased – and relieved! Good luck with your move and I hope you have a nice sewing room wherever you live.

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  6. The pictures of your house are so lovely. I CAN’T WAIT to see how you “Coco-ize” your new home! (And what marvelous creations you make, and sewing wisdom you impart.)


  7. Coco, following your adventures is one of life’s pleasures for me. Congratulations on this new adventure. Please keep us posted on your goings on. The very best of wishes for you!

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  8. I am happy for you and so glad you’re at peace with your decision! It’s wonderful to be near family. I’m looking forward to pictures of your new home!

    PS- You are such an inspiration to me ❤️

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  9. This time you are happy with your decision and it will be great to be nearer family. Hope all goes smoothly with your move . 💕

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  10. God bless you and may this new beginning be an exciting time for you and your family. Please keep sewing and sharing your very inspirational life with us. Love you!

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  11. So smart of you to wait until you were really ready before listing your beautiful, serene home again.

    If we could only move without doing the moving! Like in Bewitched where Samantha wiggles her nose and presto-change-o everything is put away in its new location.

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  12. My very best wishes on your move and in your new home. Being close to family is important at our age. I am sure you will make a quiet haven out of your new home as well. Get that sewing space set up, pronto!

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