Thinking about sewing and pressing

I’m watching a good movie and sewing buttons on a new blouse. The things that go through my head…

Love your steam iron 🙂 As I sew, I press open every seam to sink the threads. And proceed from there. The end result is well-worth the time and effort for a nicely finished garment.

I use a very inexpensive ($25) Sunbeam steam iron. It has great steam, is easily replaced, and lasts as long as many pricey irons I’ve purchased in the past!

Just a thought – Coco

6 thoughts on “Thinking about sewing and pressing

  1. I use the Oliso Smart Iron for three reasons—it cuts down on wrist strain because I don’t have to pick it up as often (it has little legs that pop out when the iron stops moving so that cuts out half of the lifting), its auto shut off is 30 minutes instead of the standard 10, and it’s the first iron outside of an industrial that has, so far, lasted over two years. Also, I teach all of my students that your iron is every bit as important as your sewing machine, because we are sculptors and the iron teaches our newly 3D garments their shape. I love reading your blog, too!


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