Lekala 4162 jacket – street style

That magic moment – inspiration, pattern, and fabric…

Cruising Pinterest one day, I happened on this pic, and I knew I wanted to go for it. What a terrific look for Florida, jeans, and a little attitude.

My pattern search led me to Lekala 4162 ( I love Lekala patterns),

And my fabric search led me to Kaufman Balboa linen (design by Erin dollar) at Fabric.com.

Ready, set, go!

About Lekala patterns – You can enter your own measurements (recommended) or choose from a standard size range. They are very inexpensive (about $3.49 for this one) and for $.50 more, they include a 3/8″ seam allowance! This jacket fits me perfectly, even the sleeve length, with no changes at all.

About the fabric – Kaufman Essex linens, the substrate for the Balboa line, are my favorites for pants, shorts, jackets, Yari jumpsuits, and Alder shirtdresses. My choice for this jacket is a white print on white Essex, which had a big influence on how I constructed the jacket.

While the pattern has instructions and pieces for a lining, I did not want facing or lining ‘show-through’. I was after a consistent appearance. So I cut out two complete sets of the pattern, the outside in linen, the inside in linen with poly/cotton broadcloth sleeves (easy on/off entry to the sleeve).

And I used the front facing pattern piece to cut out woven sew-in interfacing (Pellon SF785), attached to the lining.

Once both components were constructed, I just sewed them together, all but cuffs, and turned them through a sleeve.

I’m in love with this jacket! It’s totally wash and wear, and it adds a little juice to my wardrobe 🙂

Parting note: I want to thank all of you, my friends, for the caring and supportive messages you’ve left me. You make me float, and I’ll remember your words every day. From the heart, Coco

16 thoughts on “Lekala 4162 jacket – street style

  1. I love your white jacket! The print on white is gorgeous! Someday I will try Lekala patterns, I find so many similar patterns on websites, it becomes hard to choose.

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  2. The jacket looks terrific on you, and I like how you constructed it too. I hope you will continue blogging. That parting message at the end of this post has me a bit worried about your blogging future. Best wishes with your move closer to your family.

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  3. You’re on fire mate, terrific jacket and lovely details. I haven’t commented recently but please know I am cheering you on from here, you have a fabulous attitude and seem to me to be forever young.

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  4. So chic! Great idea to line the entire garment by cutting two sets of the pattern. I was thinking of using up some too sheer fabric by doing the same. Your pics convinced me I should. Thanks!

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  5. Thank you for sharing your new jacket and how you constructed it. I didn’t know about Lekala patterns and plan to spend time this afternoon researching what they offer. I’m very tall with long arms. A custom pattern based on my measurements would be such a help.

    Do you think this jacket could be made to be reservable?

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  6. I couldn’t see the white on white print in Instagram. Love it. You made a great jacket and I like the way you did it so you had a consistent look all the way through. It looks wonderful on you.

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