Beauty tip – facial hair and beyond

Well, here we go, a serious tip for maintaining that smooth and lovely facial finish…

I’m talking about the hair and fuzz that wants to live on our lips, chins, cheeks, and other environs.

Not one of us is immune to this hair invasion!

For a while, years ago, I used Nair. And then DIY wax depilatories. Even a salon dipilatory.

What a waste of time, and, often, a pathway to ingrown hair follicles.

For some years, 10 or so, I’ve used a coiled spring tool for unwanted hair removal. Mine (I have two) have some obscure Turkish origin, a beauty store, but here is one from Tweezerman.

I use it on my chin, nasal folds, under my nose, and around my lips (are you aware of the hair under the tip of your nose). And this doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere. Conservatively, from time to time, I’ve used mine to remove ‘fuzz’ from my cheeks that seemed to capture makeup. From there – use your imagination.

The point is, it’s not invasive, it’s effective (I’ve gone form hair on my lip to a bit of fuzz, easily removed), and you can do it. It’s no more painful than what the alternatives offer, and it’s all yours.

Beauty, ladies… Ciao! Coco

12 thoughts on “Beauty tip – facial hair and beyond

  1. So timely! I had been pondering this very phenomenon and then lo and behold… you posted the answer! I got one and tried it. At first it felt like using packing tape… but then it got better. Thanks!

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  2. Coco, off subject here (although I do love all your posts!). Are you particular about the thread you use in your garment sewing? Just curious.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this beauty tip. I think as I have aged I have more fuzz and wild hair under my chin. I will have to check this out!!

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  4. Dear Coco, you write that ‘no one is immune for this (hair) invasion’. I’m lucky to say I am. I never shaved my arm pits or my legs in my life, I simply don’t have to, I only have hair in the right places. I know I’m an exeption, but I love your sewing news a lot more!
    Bye, Barkcloth (from the Netherlands)


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