Two weeks to go till the move…

One of the most time-consuming efforts, pending my house move, has been going through my library and donating books that I simply will not re-read.

I love books, I love owning them, I love seeing them on my shelves. Just holding a book and turning the pages is so peaceful and fulfilling.

But – my space as I downsize will be limited. I’ve kept nine of these shelves full. Time for big decisions.

What I kept: my collections, Churchill, Annie Proulx, Graham Greene, Paul Theroux, John le Carre, Patrick O’Brian, McCullough, miscellaneous travelogues and exploration writings from the 1800’s, all my math and science books, gardening including the priceless Exotica, 2 volumes, hard to acquire now. Family cookbooks and travelogues, chronicles of the 20th century, history of the great wars, books on the US experience in China and Japan, Atlas – the world, the human anatomy, dictionaries and grammars – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese. And of course my huge international stamp collection, catalogues, albums, and work in progress. I collect up to 1958, after which the beautiful printing techniques ceased.

My library is still large and will keep me company for all the years to come. Plus I have another 70 books on my Nook – never without a good book!

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5 thoughts on “Two weeks to go till the move…

  1. It’s hard to let go of good books, but it seems like you have a lovely collection. We too have books everywhere, and even though we let go of lots of novels as soon as they are read to friends, each room in our house houses some. My constant companions in so many different topics. Life is not complete without some page turning every day, no matter how busy. Glad you are keeping the important ones.

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  2. You have a wonderful collection. I too love books and for years dreamed of having a classic library room. However, in moving about 10 years ago I let go of that idea and actively downsized my collection. This was one of my better decisions. Although it is hard to part with them, I feel lighter without them. A few times I took all the books off all the shelves, sorted and re-organized the ones I was keeping. It was so fun to see them all again. Hopefully you will enjoy reacquainting yourself with each book as you sort and make difficult decisions.

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  3. Interesting topic! My other half will not give a book away even if he’ll never read it again so we have walls lined with bookcases. I think if I did have to downsize the collection I’d keep the art picture books because those are a format that just doesn’t work on Kindle. And the textbooks. Novels are better on Kindle; I don’t miss having to carefully choose which few physical books to take on holiday with me.

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